The Green Gathering is not just a music, arts, wellness or food festival - it's all of these things and more. With sustainability at our core, the gathering has grown and evolved to become a multi-faceted wonder; every festival-goer can find something exciting and magical that touches and inspires them within our green fields.

To help you make sense of the abundance on offer, we've gathered all the things this festival is about into four themes. Within these themes, we've included the different venues, spaces and micro-communities of The Green Gathering, and created suggested walking tours to guide your explorations. So if you're new to our festival, this is a great place to start - and if you're not, you might just find something you never saw before!


In our culture today, the intuitive and spiritual realms have lapsed as we focus on the practical, personal and political.

At Green Gathering we know there’s an urgent need to keep pushing for climate justice, equality, true democracy – and we believe there’s also a deep need to bridge the gap between the mystical and the everyday.

A blend of love, reverence and grief for the Earth adds power to our fight for environmental regeneration.

We want to bring magic back into everyone’s lives.

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the TRIBAN stage…

A beautiful bespoke white canvas marquee decorated with great attention to detail, spilling out into a garden with benches, campfire and fabulous solar array that powers the whole venue.

Run by a non-profit collective passionate about great music and warm ambience, Triban has a laid-back bar and stage focused on folk, funk and global grooves.

This venue has a gentle atmosphere – until the beats accelerate and the place erupts with wild dancing and unstoppable rhythms!


Changing how we do things is essential when faced with the climate emergency, financial crisis and social division.

That's why the Green Gathering is about so much more than partying in a field - alongside the music and magic there’s a deep desire for better, kinder ways of organising our world.

At The Green Gathering you’ll find campaigners, speakers, engineers, craftsfolk and veteran protesters sharing the practical skills and factual knowledge needed to build resilience and foster rebellion… all sandwiched between the festival’s entertainment and relaxation venues.

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Let's talk about the power of art and music.

At The Green Gathering, we bring over 100 artists and performers together to immerse us in creativity, to inspire us to dance, sing, feel and be wild.

Anxiety caused by climate and political crises is real and tough.
We love that our festival has been described as ‘an antidote to climate grief’ -
a chance to party and let it all out before waking up ready to create a better world.

Every revolution needs a solid soundtrack.

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Community, inclusion, accessibility and wellbeing are key elements of The Green Gathering and crucial for a liveable future – we know sustainability isn’t only about environmental issues.

Our festival is renowned for its welcoming and revitalising atmosphere, for the care and respect people show one another, for appealing to toddlers and octogenarians and all ages in between, for programming artists of under-represented genders, and for extending our Assisted Access services each year.

We create havens for healing, safe spaces and adventurous places for young people, support for the more vulnerable amongst us and more.

You are invited to seek what you need.

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the Radical flank…

Tucked amongst trees beside the crumbling ruins of Piercefield Manor House, this hideaway bar and outdoor dance area hosts diy sound systems powered by the sun, and chill out spaces in shady woodland.  

As well as choice tunes there's a range of organic ciders, beers and soft drinks at the 3.5% Bar. And no, that doesn't mean the beer is weak! 3.5% is said to be the percentage of a population required to become activists for a successful, non-violent revolution - more on that here.

Take a stroll down Resistance Alley to meet folk involved with Extinction Rebellion and Just Stop Oil, and pop in to the Exhibition of Resistance for a photographic history of protest movements over recent decades. Then for something completely different, check out the late night moth-spotting hangout and chat to some very cool lepidopterists!

This venue is named after the radical flank effect that occurs when radical activists make moderates appear more reasonable... a process that has helped campaigns historically and in recent times.


This is the bar next to Soundscape Solar Stage. Here we’ll have beers and ciders, ‘dark & stormy’ rum n ginger, organic wine and more.

The bar is named after the original Brimmon Oak, a 500 year old Welsh Oak, which was threatened by road-building but saved by popular demand.
Local media reported: “A new bypass was bent to save this wonderful ancient tree which went on to be a finalist in the European Tree of the Year contest and now stands as a symbol of the strength of people power and nature combined!”

The power of people and nature is what Green Gathering is all about.

The Green Gathering’s bars raise money for putting on the festival. Prices are very reasonable and we aim to provide a decent range of locally brewed beer and cider, plus organic wines and spirits and plenty of ethically-sourced soft drinks. Reusable cups, of course!