alt-tech & off-grid

powered by wind, sun, people and passion

There’s not just one ‘renewable energy area’ at our festival – the whole event is a renewable energy showcase!

You’ll spot solar panels, wind turbines, pedal power and innovative, low impact alternatives across the site. There’s solar phone charging at our Info Tent, and if you want to get skilled up, we’ve workshops aplenty.


You can’t miss the solar fire engine! Tess and Dougal’s solar panels power wheelchairs and mobility scooters in addition to their half kilometre of LED festoon lights. The unique REsource fire engine has a tracking array and visible power system in a display cabinet on the side of the truck, so you can see how everything works.

The REsource Hub next to the fire engine is a hangout for renewable energy experts; pop in for a chat, browse the library, join in a workshop, share skills or book a one-to-one clinic session and get your alt tech dilemmas resolved!

REsource Hub workshops we’ve hosted in recent years:
● DC Electrics - basic battery maintenance and monitoring with a few calculations and safety tips for working with 12V electrics.
Off Grid Solar - Experts who install off-grid power systems will be available to answer questions and get your project off the ground.
Wind Power with Cornwall Energy Services.
Kids’ Energy Workshops. Human circuit, mini sundials and pinwheels.


The SLiCK solar oven array in our Hill Village is a treasure to behold.

Daily skillshares and demonstrations of panel cookers, solar ovens, evacuated tube and parabolic dish cookers… Chance to cook your lunch in the sun’s rays and learn about how solar stoves can help communities across the world.

The solar ovens have baked "the UK's lowest carbon loaf" made with grains ground into flour by the Windcraft windmill, and they provide hot water for washing up stations at Crock ‘n’ Rock and Hill Village food stalls too!


A perfect balance of beauty and practicality, this direct drive windmill powers a drive shaft directly from the sails down the mast to a second drive shaft, allowing a broad range of machines to be powered by a connecting belt.

See this ancient technology driving water pumps and flour mills and be inspired!

Creator Robin Larkham of Windcraft is usually nearby to demonstrate and answer questions.


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