the green gathering charity

The notion of a Green Gathering charity was first mooted back in 2006, when the Big Green Gathering was growing apace and those involved wanted to be sure that the event remained ethical, educational and ecologically sound.

In 2010, at a weekend camp, we dusted off the charity idea, with a view to widening our reach and impact.
One of the key ideas behind the charity model was recognition that The Green Gathering is more than just an amazing annual event - it is all the people and projects, working tirelessly throughout the year to create the festival and a better world... this sense of community, of shared values and dreams, is what makes The Green Gathering so special and inspirational.

The GG charity commissions the festival and any surplus funds from the festival are returned to the charity, to be invested in the charity's objectives and projects.

The charity has provided funding for a sustainability networking event in Carmarthenshire; the festival's fabulous 'Crock n Rock' crockery and washing up service; an autism friendly 'Serenpod' for use at events; Cleanstream's upcycling and deep-recycling station (found at the GG festival and Glastonbury Green Futures Field); free workshops for all ages in our Craft Area; training in Health & Safety and First Aid for festival crew; a race education workshop for festival directors and co-ordinators; filming in our Speakers' Forum to enable a wider audience to hear the terrific talks; an ongoing research project in partnership with A Greener Future; and the beginnings of a Regional Partners project to link up like-minded groups of creative educators across the UK.

The Green Gathering charity was set up with the intention to take forward the spirit of the old Big Green Gathering, while providing a new model for working collaboratively to host educational, sustainable events and to address social and environmental issues which demand our attention with increasing urgency.

The charity commissions the annual Green Gathering festival which is delivered on behalf of the charity by its trading arm – Optimistic Trout Productions, a Community Interest Company (CIC).

The charity uses any financial surplus generated by the event to further its wider educational and environmental objectives, for example by seeding other events and funding educational activities at and outside of the Gathering.

become a charity member

Membership of the Green Gathering charity is open to all. Members offer input and direction to the trustees (and thereby the activities and events commissioned by the charity) in line with Charity Commission guidance.

Members are not eligible to vote in decision-making meetings, but their feedback is considered invaluable in steering the charity and its projects. Please support and join us in carrying the wisdom of The Green Gathering into the future!

To apply to become a member, or to make a donation to the charity, please visit the charity website at:

Membership categories are:

Personal over 18 £10 annually
Personal under 18 Free
Group or voluntary org £50 annually
Statutory agencies £250 annually
Corporate membership (under 49 employees) £150
Corporate membership (over 50 employees) £300

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