what you need to know: the basics

Full festival tickets include space to camp in a tent for up to four nights in rolling meadows surrounded by trees on this stunning site with views across the Severn estuary and Wye Valley.

On Thursday you can arrive and set up camp between noon and 10pm. Friday-Sunday gates are open 10am-10pm.

To bring a campervan, caravan or trailer tent, you’ll need to buy a live-in vehicle pass.
Please be sure to buy the correct pass for your needs. Any awnings must fit within the pitch size you have purchased.
Campervans, caravans and trailer tents will be directed to the live-in vehicle areas. Please follow stewards’ parking instructions. Towing vehicles must park in the main carpark having dropped off their caravan or trailer tent.

setting up camp

The camping fields at The Green Gathering are spacious. You’ll be able to choose whether to camp close in to the entertainments, or in a peaceful spot on the edge of the woods.

Ask stewards at the Welcome Tent or stationed around site for directions to Family Camping, Quiet Camping, General Camping, the Assisted Access area, or to the Glamping Glade if you've hired a tent, yurt or tipi.

To reach the Welcome Tent, jump on a shuttle bus from the box office. There's a long steep climb from the gates and carpark to the campsites, on a woodland track also used by vehicles, so if you’re heavily laden, have small children or reduced mobility, please do wait for a shuttle bus.

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At the Welcome Tent (where the shuttle bus stops) you’ll be able to hire a handy wheelbarrow. Nearby is the Trikes With Baggage depot – head here if you’d like to load up a cargo trike and have it pedalled right to your camping spot (‘magic hat’ donations welcome).

Please don't bring your own large luggage trolley or barrow - these often don’t fit on our shuttle bus, so you end up having to take them for a very long, very steep walk!

Be aware that if you bring huge amounts of camping gear it may take a few trips and a few hours to shuttle it all to your camping site. You will not be able to drive onto site in your own vehicle to unload camping gear.

We have a Fast-Turnaround Shuttle Bus for people with lighter loads.

Please help us to keep the shuttle buses flowing – don’t bring your whole life /kitchen sink unless you really, really need to!


hire an eco dwelling

For those wanting to travel lightly and enjoy an authentic experience of low-impact living with a generous dash of comfort, consider hiring a Yurt, Tipi or Bell Tent. These come furnished or unfurnished and accommodate two palatially or a crowd if you like sleepovers! Info & Bookings

Alternatively, hire one of Camplight’s pre-pitched upcycled tents. Easy on you, easy on the planet.

If hiring a lovely abode for the weekend means you can minimise your kit and come by public transport, the planet wins and your eco-cred soars!!


Our Assisted Access camping area is a flat, accessible field close to the heart of the festival.
Accessible toilets and shower are here, also a charging station for electric wheelchairs and mobility scooters.

Our brilliant Assisted Access volunteers are on hand to help people with reduced mobility or other access needs enjoy festival services and entertainments. Weather permitting this area has a friendly community firepit.

To find out how to book into this area, go to Assisted Access

SERVICES, and what to bring

There are composting toilets on site (thanks to Natural Event in recent years), as well as some standard portable cubicles.
There are standpipes with blue flags for drinking water, simple showers, and we always aim to have a wood-fired sauna.
The Campaigns Field has moon loos - toilets with screened sinks, for people with periods to wash moon cups and reusable pads.

Bring a water bottle – we do not sell water in plastic bottles.
Bring Your Own Mug to help us reduce single use waste even further.
You’ll be able to borrow a plate and cutlery from our Crock ‘n’ Rock stall – and they’ll even wash it up for you!
You can also buy ethical basic foods, toiletries and cleaning products on site – ask at our Info Exchange tent for directions.
There are plenty of recycling depots.

Many of our stalls and bars are cash-only. We believe in Keeping Cash Alive so don't expect to pay by card or app!
You'll find solar powered phone charging at the Info Exchange.
Please don’t bring disposable vapes, wetwipes or glitter (even the ‘biodegradable’ types degrade too slowly to be truly eco).

It’s a 20-30 minute walk to town to cashpoints and shops, or there’s a small supermarket just 3 minutes’ walk from the festival gates.


The Green Gathering is one of the few remaining festivals where communal firepits and small individual campfires are allowed – weather conditions permitting and providing a few rules are followed:
Keep fires well away from tents and don’t leave them unattended.
2. Any fire must be raised off the ground and contained in a sturdy brazier (the inside drum of a scrap washing machine, wheel hub or strong metal bucket will do). To avoid damaging the soil, place the brazier on a heat-proof base.
3. Please only use as much wood as you need for a small campfire. No bonfires! Please don’t use rotting wood that might be a wildlife habitat. And don’t damage the trees; fresh wood won’t burn, anyway.
4. Don’t bring or use disposable bbqs for safety and environmental reasons.

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Camping stoves are ok, but take care and take empty gas canisters away with you - it's difficult for us to dispose of them.
Don’t use stoves and burners inside tents - fire and carbon monoxide poisoning are serious risks. Beware candle fires too - candles can be very hazardous in tents and campervans.
Aerial lanterns are banned - they harm wildlife and can cause fires.
Don’t leave valuables in tents. GG is a safe and friendly place, but it only takes a rare opportunist thief to make your festival miserable.
Avoid camping directly under large trees. The site is surveyed regularly and dangerous limbs are removed where possible but occasionally trees do drop branches unexpectedly, especially in extreme weather conditions.
Do bring a torch, reusable water bottle and mug, loo roll, hat and sunscreen (we’re hopeful!).


If you need answers to questions, medical attention, practical assistance or mental health care on site, please follow signs to these services, or ask a steward to accompany you there.

Our medics are lovely people qualified in first aid, conventional emergency medicine and herbal medicine. Don’t be afraid to visit them to flag up potential issues if you have a condition that might flare up at the festival.

You can bring information to the Info Exchange Tent as well as taking it away! We’ll have a noticeboard for lifts offered and wanted here, plus programmes and lovely, lovely merch for sale.


There will be shuttle buses from the bus stop by the Welcome Tent to the carpark and gate on the Sunday afternoon and Monday morning.

By noon on Monday, the camping areas must be clear. We ask you to leave your campsite free of rubbish, to recycle your waste at our awesome recycling stations, and to carry away with you everything you brought to the Gathering. Then send in your feedback to help us make the festival even better the following year, and buy your earlybird tickets for the next one!

See you there.