1st-4th AUGust

The original
off-grid festival

The original


Join us for four days of low impact living in an area of outstanding beauty, every nook and corner bursting with music, creativity, natural abundance and community spirit.

The original off-grid, non-profit festival: we’re powered by sun, wind, people and passion for change.

Intimate solar stages showcase up and coming acts, legendary festival favourites, DJs and spellbinding raconteurs. Share wisdom and skills; find friends old and new; weave, weld and tell stories.

Have a party - then wake up and put the world to rights.

This festival’s impact lasts longer than a weekend.

What do you need to know?

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Words from our gatherers

“The Green Gathering represents an island of sanity, magic and hope in a world gone stale and bad with greed and disconnection. It is essential. Thank you for what you do.”

Lori Stevens

“Amazing! First time here. All of us (2 adults, one 5 year old) loved it. Great people, tasty food, thought provoking discussions, local beer, kid friendly, hot showers, brilliant recycling… I could go on!”

Carolyn Ortiz

“Absolutely loved it, just the right size, very relaxed, great bands, solar disco was fab, i felt happy and free, very reasonably priced and nice food and drink, fantastic venue, so spacious.  Brilliant.”

Louis Crawford

“True relaxation and freedom from the stresses of modern living. I learnt new things, met amazing people, enjoyed inspiring music and felt recharged and ready to take on anything again when I got home.”

Larry Lawson

“We’ve been gigging at festivals for 25 years – this is the first time we’ve felt like staying because everyone is happy and having a good time. It feels like a what a festival is supposed to be. Excellent!”

Larry Lawson