hill village, NATURE'S WAY
& the enchanted woods


This tree-lined encampment is inhabited by elders of the festival and travelling communities, all ready to share the creative ways of the wild, gleaned through years of hard beautiful lives on the road.  

Drop by SliCK Solar Stoves to marvel at off-grid thermal cooking, or learn how to construct a bender and rocket stove with the Low Impact Living crew.

Drink fresh mint tea with Pete Linnell at Grow Your Own Home while discussing One Planet Development and discover how to turn the dream of sustainable living into reality.

Do some mending at the Solar Sewing stall or learn all about using and fixing hand tools at Tools For Self Reliance Cymru.

Browse the village shops: You can stock up on dried foods, snacks and toiletries at the award-winning Rolling Oats refill store... discuss horse-drawn living while haggling over Steve of Britain’s vintage wares... test natural skincare products at Celia’s Herbals... then head to the legendary Tiny Tea Tent, or treat yourself to vegan ice cream from freezers powered by the sun at Ice Green.

Then get clean under the stars at SAMS heavenly Magic Hat Showers.

NATURE'S WAY & the enchanted woods

Here the core elements of The Green Gathering meet and are grounded - earth, nature, wellbeing, storytelling, ritual, connection; here you're invited to explore sights, sounds and experiences to open your mind, touch your heart, delight your senses and inspire you. Take your time, browse along the avenue, then dive into the dappled glade...

Stone Circle: with iconic views across the Severn Valley, this is a peaceful space to sit and breathe deeply, meet friends, practice yoga, create ceremonies, greet the day or have a sunny afternoon nap.

Voices of Gaia: a talkspace facing the Stones, with a programme of earthy and esoteric subjects – from the magic and medicine of herbs to Welsh mythology, from a variety of spiritual and philosophic traditions to social anthropology and why festivals matter.

Seed Sistas: share plant lore and natural medicine tips, or catch Fi and Kazz during their costumed walkabouts as hedgerow characters brimming with humour and wisdom.

Earth Rise: an emporium of clothes and accessories fashioned from natural fabrics and dyes, this is also safe space for exploring connections between body, mind, earth and nourishment.

Wise Old Oak: Rost Productions create a pilgrims' labyrinth beneath this majestic tree.

Woodland Art: Wil, Terry and Rob wield traditional woodworking tools; they’ll let you have a go too!

The Magic Garden: an upcycled dreamscape of giant flowers and fungi.

Shrines to the Liminal: Jessica Rost and crew install a series of nature shrines with specially created sound pieces.

Ideal Dome Exhibition: What does ‘home’ mean to you? Plus 'How To' fashion your very own vintage geodesic dome.

Wishing Well: Be careful what you wish for!

Radical Trust Library: Books from your childhood; precious books; exciting books you’ve never heard of; books with pages you need to immerse yourself within. Read the books in our library then leave them for the next person to enjoy.

The Guardians: protectors of the woods, art by Mo Odling.

Action Movement Peace: Family Theatre, rediscovering connection to nature and positive futures.

Nature Mandalas: Gratitude to the Permaculture crew for these beauties.  Mindfulness made manifest.

Plus creations and lighting by Julia Lock, Em Weirdigan, Jak Hill, Ben Cavanna, Zia Solar Systems and more tbc.