Transformative Adaptation

The Transformative Adaptation area is a welcoming space for activists, ecowarriors, co-operators, community seekers, joy bringers, the curious and the grief-stricken.

Known as the TrAd Village, this collection of low-impact dwellings around a central fire is a place of sharing, learning, reflection and action. It is a response to the climate and biodiversity emergency, and the interconnected multiple crises of our time.

Transformative Adaptation (TrAd) envisions a world where transformational change to ourselves and our systems has allowed us to adapt and thrive in balance with all life, with Earth.  Right now we are experimenting with the kind of transformations and adaptations required.

A community vibe and warm hearth await visitors – along with the chance to get involved in defence of our wild spaces and the building of resilience. Let’s uncover together how to tread lightly on the earth – to connect with and protect the commons – land, air, water – to which we belong.

See our full Green Gathering 2023 Programme for all the info!

Meet like-minded Gatherers at the TrAd village through scheduled events, community practices, or simply by sharing tea and company.

There will be a sacred fire, story circles. skillshares, wide-ranging discussions, songs, nature crafts... and just being together.

There will be sanctuary space and efforts to root out divisions, to nurture, to allow time for grief, to move away from patriarchy and towards co-liberation.

TrAd is an experiment; transformation can be challenging and messy. It is a work in progress. We want to create a space for personal and collective adaptation, for disparate voices, concerned citizens and earth lovers…
Join us.

For deeper insight into Transformative Adaptation, check the TrAd website and read Skeena Rathor and Rupert Read: How we will free ourselves together by adapting, transformatively, to climate breakdown