joys of packing less

the joys

· Less stress, less time packing and shopping before you set off, less to carry, less to load, less pain
· Arrival and departure will be so much easier and you’ll have access to the ‘quick turnaround' shuttle bus if you can carry everything in one load
· Supporting the local economy by buying things on site or at the local shop just off site
· Less time cooking and more time tasting delicious food from our amazing ethical food traders. If you're on a budget there are stalls selling basics like cereal, nuts and dried fruits, flapjack, plant milks and other staples, low-cost bakery treat and fresh fruit and veg... and if you want to cook but not carry pans, check out our fab second-hand stalls
· Chance to explore innovative solutions (make accessories from nature or visit the free shop for fancy dress!)
· Sharing resources and getting to know your festival neighbours

kit lists

Read on to harvest real kit-lists from people who have survived and thrived at festivals with what they can carry…


· Two-person tent
· Double roll mat
· Double sleeping bag (or duvet!)
· Food and drink bits: Trangia stove, plastic plates, cutlery, reusable cups (all for two) and Swiss army knife.
· Clothes: two options for each layer, one item of pants+socks per day, coat and waterproof trousers, and one or two fancy dress things... clothes used as pillows, with a sarong on top
· Sandals and trainers/wellies (depending on weather)
· Phone, charger and external battery
· Food, drink and booze to cover half of our needs at the festival (buying rest from vendors)
· Other small things: face paint, pen and paper…

This all fits into a backpack each, one with the tent inside and the other with the roll mat inside.

the roomy two

· 4 person tent
· 2 roll mats
· 1 thermarest – expensive but equivalent to cost of a car parking ticket for two or three festivals and lasts much longer!
· A few breakfast and lunch items – oat milk; homemade muesli; crackers; veggie pate; chocolate
·  Re-usable cups / sporks / tupperware tubs
· Legless folding camping chair for back support
· Money to buy delish festie food (a meal a day plus cake and coffee). Money to buy a couple of small items from a second hand stall and a book or CD from a favourite performer.
· Previous GG reuseable pint mugs, metal drinking water bottles
· Second hand festival wellies (cut to half size for light carrying), sandals, sunhats, sunglasses, 2 pairs shorts each, 2-3 t-shirts or tops or dresses, long trousers, jumper / hoody each
· Full waterproofs
· Pens, cards or small game to play, book or e-reader
· Towel / sarongs
· Toiletry bag – soap; shampoo; conditioner; toothbrush; toothpaste; ear plugs
· Light solar powered torches / lamps
· Spare loo roll (not needed last year – thanks toilet fairies!)
· Phones
· Sleeping bags
· Light festie blanket / poncho
· Mini foldable solar panel & battery pack (you can also charge at a stall at the fest)
· Two small fabric fold-away rucksacks

Fits into two large rucksacks / wheelie convertibles and a cool bag


· 2 person tent
· Roll mat
· Sleeping bag & fleece liner
· Deodorant
· Toothbrush & paste
· Antiseptic
· Lavender oil
· Sun lotion
· Paracetamol
· Loo roll
· Tiny mirror
· Contact lenses
· Swiss army knife
· Lighter
· Water bottle
· Enamel camping mug
· Spoon
· Billy flask (small stove-kettle fed by twigs)
· Hipflask of brandy
· Packet of oatcakes
· Packet of digestive biscuits
· Bag of raisins
· Small jar of yeast extract
· Tin of mackerel
· 10 teabags
· Small bag of dried milk powder
· Small bag of hot chocolate powder
· 1 pair trousers
· 2 pairs leggings
· 1 pair tights
· 1 small skirt
· 1 vest top
· 1 short sleeved t-shirt
· 1 long sleeved t-shirt
· 1 warm hoody
· 1 warm waistcoat
· 1 sarong
· 4 pairs knickers
· 4 pairs socks
· 1 thin waterproof jacket
· Phone, money, travel tickets, festival tickets
· Notebook & pen
· Torch
· Rucksack
· Day bag
· Pocket bag

All fits in rucksack plus day bag and belt with pockets


· Tent – large 4 person or a 5 person
· Sleeping bags – 1 each
· Clothes: Underwear & socks for 4 days; sandals and wellies for each person (wear the wellies); two pairs of leggings each; a cosy pair of pyjamas each; 2-3 changes of clothes each; a warm jumper/hoody each; hat, gloves, scarf and cosy socks each; waterproof jacket each
· One small cuddly toy each child for bedtime
· Phones, chargers and powerbanks
· Towel and flannel each, soap, shampoo bars, small tub(s) of deodorant, sun lotion, aloe vera gel, toothbrushes, toothpaste
· Antiseptic cream
· Stove, spare gas, large pan and tea ball
· Small jars/pots favourite coffee and loose tea
· Snacks – apples, carrots, bombay mix, roasted nuts, dark chocolate and flapjacks
· Coolbox
· 1 bowl, plate and cutlery set each (although we may leave at home and use Crock n Rock)
· Reusable mug each and a reusable water bottle
· Frozen homemade curry or other one pot meal – enough for lunch for the first one or two days
· Torches – one each
· One or two loo rolls
· Sunglasses and protective case
· Money, festival tickets, travel tickets, bank card
· A rucksack each – mum might have two rucksacks!
· Trusty festie belt
· One or two bags for life/cotton bags
· Menstrual cup, cloth sanitary pads and wet bag
· Stuff for the free shop (if we have extra carrying capacity)

Mum & 3 children – 7, 8 and 13 – travelling by train; each child carries their own rucksack of things.
Air beds hired from Camplight.

things to bring


· #BringYourOwnMug and reuseable water bottle (or you can buy these on site)
. Ticket and cash – you don’t want to forget those!
. A torch, hat and sunscreen
. Things for the free shop and swap shop if you have extra space



Things you almost certainly won’t need (believe us – we have seen them all)

· Drinking water (apart from what you need on your journey here). The water provided on site is free and drinkable. If concerned / sensitive you could bring a small water filter
· Futon / thick mattress – unless there’s a medical need
· Picnic table / furniture set
· Pillows (bring a pillow case and stuff it with a jumper)
· Multiple pairs of shoes (one pair of wellies / boots and one pair of sandals / flipflops is all you really need)
· More than three changes of clothes
· Lots of alcohol - there are loads of bars, very reasonably priced and with interesting tipples
· A car! (especially if you follow the above advice)
· First aid kit – there are medical herbalists and first aiders on site and pharmacies nearby
· Lots of food - people often spend more on a huge pre-fest shop than if they just bought a few snacks and then treated themselves from the delish festie stalls... in our experience, people who bring food often prefer to buy food on site when they see what’s available, then they end up wasting the food they’ve brought, or have to trundle it all the way back home
· Cooking equipment, unless you’re really sure you’ll use it
· Entertainment systems – you have all the entertainment you need on site!
· Please don’t bring wetwipes – they don’t biodegrade and can’t be recycled – or plastic glitter – it gets into waterways and becomes part of the microplastic problem. In fact, try not to bring any ‘rubbish’ that you’re going to have to leave behind. GG spends thousands every year on recycling and waste; we’d much prefer to spend that money on art, music, workshops and experiences!