We're the UK's original off-grid festival, so we know a thing or two about off-grid power. Here's our intro to building your own system at your event.

Safety first... Remember that batteries and inverters can be DANGEROUS

• Batteries should be treated with respect – they contain toxic materials and can give off explosive gases.
• AC mains – that's what you get when you use an inverter to produce 240v electricity - can kill!
• If you are not yet competent in off-grid electrical systems, please seek an experienced consultant to help you understand how to set up, operate and maintain your system safely.
• Below is some general advice; this should not replace expert guidance, but offers an introduction to the subject...


• Locate batteries away from sources of ignition.
• Battery terminals need to be protected against short circuit hazards (metal objects).
• Battery systems must be adequately fused.
• Cables should be of a suitable conductor size and type.
• Cable connections should be terminated correctly and securely with insulated and crimped or soldered terminals.
• All wiring should be neat and protected.


• Locate the inverter in a weatherproof, ventilated position away from the batteries.
• Research RCDs (Residual Current Devices) – and use one! An RCD is
a sensitive safety device that switches off electricity automatically if
there is a fault. This is potentially a life saver. ‘Plug-in’ RCDs should be avoided; use a fixed, consumer unit RCD to protect yourself and others.
• A competent, experienced person should help you set up your RCD and an earth spike, if you are not competent and experienced yourself.
• Cables should be routed safely, using CEE form waterproof connectors where necessary. Route mains cables and 12v cables separately.
• The 240v appliances you plug in must be PAT-tested.


You can pop in to the REsource Hub at the festival for informal advice and to meet a variety of experts in renewable technologies, take part in workshops and dip into the renewable energy library there.

The Hub is run by Dougal & Tess of who inspire, educate and consult on off-grid, alt tech journeys.

If you’d like further advice or technical assistance, Richie Smithers (Horizon Installations & GG power co-ordinator and site manager) may be able to help, but be aware he will be very busy!

Please also be aware that if you need detailed, technical advice or assistance, there will usually be a consultancy fee.