terms & conditions

The Green Gathering has a well-deserved reputation as a relaxed, easy-going festival – but there are a few important rules.

Please do read on, to avoid surprise at a later stage. Purchase of Tickets implies acceptance of these Terms and Conditions and attendees may be evicted if these conditions are breached.


You may only purchase a vehicle ticket if you have an adult ticket to go with it. All vehicles require a vehicle ticket and must park in the designated areas; any not doing so may be removed.

A coloured paper vehicle pass will be allocated at the Box Office and must be stuck to the inside of your windscreen for the duration of the festival. These passes can be removed easily after the festival by soaking with water for a few minutes.

See below for full explanation of our campervan and caravan ticket options:

Campervan up to 6m x 2m. Plus awning up to 4m wide.
(Everything must be inside the PITCH which is 6m x 6m)

Campervan up to 6m x 2m. Plus awning up to 2m wide.
(Everything must be inside the PITCH which is 6m x 4m)

Campervan up to 6m x 2m. NO awning.
(Everything must be inside the PITCH which is 6m long and wide enough to dance beside the van)

Oversize Van over 6m x 2m. Plus awning up to 4m wide.
(Everything must be inside the PITCH which is the length of your vehicle and 6.5m wide)

Oversize Van over 6m x 2m. NO awning.
(Everything must be inside the PITCH which is the length of your vehicle and wide enough to dance by the van)

Caravan / Trailer-Tent up to 6m x 4m + Carpark pass for towing vehicle.
(Everything except the towing vehicle must be inside the PITCH which is 6m long and 4m wide, includes option of a small awning. The towing vehicle must park in the car park.)

Oversize Caravan / Trailer-Tent + Carpark pass.
(Everything except the towing vehicle must be inside the PITCH which is the length of your trailer and up to 6.5m wide, including awning. Towing vehicle must park in the car park.)

If someone will be living in the towing vehicle, it can remain in the live-in vehicles area – in this case, you must buy a Campervan ticket for it.


GG security has the right to search anybody / any vehicle as a condition of entry. If you refuse to be searched, GG has the right to evict you from the site and there is a no-return policy on those refusing searches. GG has the right to confiscate banned articles which may be returned after the event at directors’ discretion.

No Unauthorised Sound Systems are allowed on site (including loud mini-rigs).
No Unauthorised Animals are allowed on site.
No Generators (petrol, diesel, biodiesel, gas) are allowed on site.
Illegal drugs are illegal at GG! Illegal drugs are likely to be confiscated, and their owners to be evicted from site or handed over to the local authorities.
No firearms, laser devices, fireworks, nitrous oxide canisters, aerial drones, airborne lanterns, disposable bbqs or plastic glitters are permitted on site for safety and environmental reasons.
There will be reasonably-priced bars selling cider, wine, real ale, cocktails and spirits on site, to help fund the festival. These bars operate a Challenge 25 policy; people aged 25 and under must be prepared to provide proof of age.
No unauthorised alcohol sales will be allowed.Ticket holders are only to bring alcohol for personal consumption. You must responsibly use our recycling bins. Allowed amounts per person:
12 standard sized cans or bottles of beer
2 bottles of wine
One bottle of spirits
No unauthorised trading will be allowed on site. Contact markets@greengathering.org.uk if you’d like to apply for a stall pitch. Ticket-holding flypitchers may buy a flypitch licence from Trader HQ or Info Exchange on site (conditions apply).
No unauthorised use of recording equipment for professional or profit-making purposes will be allowed.


Equality, diversity and inclusion are vital parts of our social justice message. We ask all Green Gathering participants to show respect and kindness to one another.

We are signatories to the Association of Independent Festivals Safer Spaces Initiative and have zero tolerance for sexual assault, defined as ‘any unwanted sexual act or activity’. We promote consent, have a survivor-led approach and provide support services on site at our Welfare tent.

Attendees must use the recycling points provided and take all of their personal belongings away at the end of the festival.

Bring a reusable bottle for water; there will be no water in plastic bottles for sale on site. Don’t bring wetwipes, plastic glitter or other avoidable, single use plastic-based items.

Fires will be allowed only in designated places and according to campsite rules (see camping page of website). Dangerous or irresponsible fires will be put out, and the campers responsible may be evicted.

Disposable barbecues are banned. Charcoal stoves or bbqs must not be used to heat any indoor space. Gas camping appliances may only be used according to safety instructions and in the open air, or in properly fitted campervan/caravan – not in tents.

Don’t camp directly beneath large trees, they may drop branches.

Please respect the site boundaries. Festival-goers may not enter private property in the vicinity of the site. Outside of the festival boundaries there are steep woodlands, cliffs and rivers; keep to public footpaths if exploring the countryside and note that such explorations are at your own risk.

Children must be supervised by their responsible adult(s) while at the festival. The responsible adult’s phone number must be written on the child’s wristband. There are no creches. If a minor is suspected of committing or planning to commit crime or anti-social behaviour, they and their parent/guardian(s) may be evicted.

The site owners and GG accept no responsibility for personal property; please take care of your own belongings.

Covid and other infectious diseases: if you have symptoms associated with covid or other easily transmissible infectious disease (eg measles, norovirus, flu) in the days before you are due to arrive at the festival, or while you are at the festival, we ask you to seek medical advice (from our GG team if you're already on site), and if possible to isolate until you test negative or symptoms have completely gone, to avoid transmitting infection across the festival. If isolation is not possible, please avoid crowded places and ramp up the hand hygiene, dispose carefully of tissues etc. We ask this to reduce the risk to the most vulnerable in our community, as well as to ensure we have sufficient healthy crew to run the festival safely.

Ticket holders may be photographed, filmed and recorded as participants in the event. Photos, films and recordings of the event and its participants may appear publicly and be distributed and published within the public domain. As of 2018 and in accordance with our understanding of data protection regulation, you have the right to ask GG photographers not to photograph, film or record you; and the right to ask them to delete pictures, film or recordings they have taken of you. You may also contact news@greengathering.org.uk to ask us to remove photos, film or sound recordings that identify you from our files and online media, and we will do our best to ensure this happens.

The Green Gathering aims to balance individual freedoms with appropriate safeguarding. Click here for our nudity policy.


Only adult ticket holders may purchase dog tickets.

A very limited number of dog tickets are available. Only ticketed dogs will be allowed onto the festival site. Please see Terms and Conditions for Dog Owners.


You must be aged 18 on the day the festival begins to buy ticket(s) independently. Under 18s must be accompanied by a responsible person of 18 or over. Children aged under 6 on the day the festival begins will be admitted free, but must have a ticket.

It is your responsibility to check that you have the correct tickets.

Wristband checkpoints will be in operation around the site. Please assist by keeping your wristband accessible. Anyone without a wristband, or wearing a wristband that has been tampered with, will be ejected. Lost wristbands cannot be replaced but broken wristbands will be, if presented with proof of purchase at the Info Exchange Tent on site.

Tickets are for personal use only, not transferable, and not for any form of commercial activity. Tickets must not be offered for resale, or for advertising, promotion (including contests) or any other trade purposes (except where expressly authorised by a festival director). Resale of tickets is grounds for cancellation of those tickets, without refund or other compensation.

Ticket refunds will only occur in exceptional circumstances (contact tickets@greengathering.org.uk). Agreed refunds will be subject to a cancellation fee (20% of ticket price). In all cases booking fees (7%) are non-returnable. No refunds will be available after June 30th.

GG has the right to alter or vary the programme, without notice, due to events or circumstances beyond its control, without being obliged to refund monies or exchange tickets.

In the unlikely event that the festival is cancelled, we will offer at least a partial refund of the ticket price but will not refund the booking fee. The festival shall not have liability beyond the purchase value of the ticket. It is the ticket holder’s responsibility to check if the event has been cancelled, and if so, the date and time of any rearranged event. We would make every effort to notify ticket holders of cancellation/re-scheduling, but cannot absolutely guarantee that our notification will be received by every ticket holder.

The Green Gathering is a fun, family festival.

Parents/carers or guardians are responsible for their children at all times. We reserve rights of admission and the right to remove anyone from site who indulges in anti-social behaviour.

All terms and conditions regarding tickets are governed by law and tickets are sold subject to license.

Thank you for reading these Terms & Conditions and have a wonderful Gathering.

Post-Gathering, if you are particularly satisfied or unsatisfied with your festival experience, we’d love to hear from you. Look out for our feedback survey, or contact us via the Contact page on the GG website. Please note participants’ satisfaction cannot be ensured where GG Terms & Conditions are not kept. Complaints Procedure