Privacy Policy

Optimistic Trout Productions Privacy Policy re. The Green Gathering (GG) festival


Optimistic Trout Productions (OTP) CIC is the production company for The Green Gathering festival.

This privacy policy describes how OTP CIC protects and makes use of the information you give the company when you buy Green Gathering tickets, sign up to receive Green Gathering newsletters, are a Green Gathering volunteer or contracted crew member, or attend The Green Gathering festival.

This policy is updated from time to time.

This privacy policy was updated on: 19th May 2019.

1. Mailing list.

This is used to mail out the GG festival newsletter (approximately monthly).

The newsletter is mailed out via Mailchimp which has updated to be GDPR compliant.

In Spring 2018 we mailed everyone who’d been transferred to our current mailing list from previous mailing lists.

Anyone who didn’t positively confirm via email that they wanted to stay subscribed was then deleted from the mailing list.

As of May 2018, only people who’ve positively subscribed to the newsletter are on this list.

People can easily unsubscribe at the foot of the newsletter.

A back-up of the mailing list may be held by one festival Director on a password-protected computer.

Our mailing list is not used for marketing purposes or shared with third parties except as described above.

2. Public ticket buyers.

Data is collected by the Ticket Agent(s).

Ticket Agents hold the data and are aware of, and advise us they are compliant with, GDPR regulations.

3. Crew – including volunteers, contractors, artists, traders.

Only data required to safely and efficiently manage the event is collected; for example that which is required to comply with H&S regulations, to manage a crew ticketing system, or to create volunteer rotas.

For most crew; names, contact details and GG roles comprise the personal data held.

Additional information will be held where this is required for H&S purposes or for managers to appropriately support crew members. Information about abilities, training certificates and references would fall into this category.

Data is held electronically and is only shared when necessary (eg information needed for crew ticketing is shared with Box Office managers so they can effect accreditation) or when explicit consent is given (eg co-ordinators are asked whether directors can share their contact details with another co-ordinator).

Crew data is stored on an ongoing basis only by directors and relevant managers, as a reference point in case legitimate queries or complaints are made by or about a crew member.

We do not share information about crew more widely unless there is a legal or H&S necessity to do so.

Crew details are not used for marketing purposes or shared with third parties except as described here.

Crew T&Cs include notification that we hold and process personal data as described here, and that crew have a right to inspect and review the data we hold.

4. Photos and video of participants.

Participants have the right to request not to be filmed / photographed at the festival, and to request that any film / photographs already taken of them be deleted.

OTP directors will do their best to uphold any such requests with respect to accredited Green Gathering photographers / videographers.

GG press are advised not to take close up photographs of under 16s except with explicit consent from the child and their guardian.


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