Where to get power for your own off-grid event

Here are some incredible off-grid, renewable power-providers you could use.

REsource Living
The wonderful big red fire engine with solar panels that you see at Green Gathering every year - that's Resource Living. They provide power, lighting and education at events, and could also help you design and set up permanent off-grid power.

James Walford

James can provide 6000w of solar, 19 kWh of lithium storage, and a 5 kVA inverter, as well as 250 meters of distro and some LED flood lighting. He is based in Kent.

The Green Gathering charity was set up with the intention to take forward the spirit of the old Big Green Gathering, while providing a new model for working collaboratively to host educational, sustainable events and to address social and environmental issues which demand our attention with increasing urgency.

The charity commissions the annual Green Gathering festival which is delivered on behalf of the charity by its trading arm – Optimistic Trout Productions, a Community Interest Company (CIC).

The charity uses any financial surplus generated by the event to further its wider educational and environmental objectives, for example by seeding other events and funding educational activities at and outside of the Gathering.

Charity projects have included the Crock n Rock crockery hire service, Clean Stream educational recycling depot, autism-friendly Serenpod safe space, biodiversity study of the festival site, and free craft workshops for all ages.

Add to the list

Can you - or do you know someone who could - offer renewable power for an event? Let us know and we'll add you to our list! Email us on info@greengathering.org.uk