In the Hill Village beneath trees bordering our Village Green you’ll find makers, nomads and elders of the festival circuit – those who live off grid all year round, and characters with many a tale to tell.

Drop by SliCK Solar Stoves to marvel at thermal cooking.

Learn how to construct and use a rocket stove or build a bender with the Low Impact Living crew.

Hang out with Pete at the One Planet Development tent and find out how to turn the dream of sustainable living into reality.

Browse Celia’s Herbals and Steve of Britain’s quality tat.

Learn all about using and fixing hand tools at Tools For Self Reliance.

Get clean under the stars at SAMS heavenly Magic Hat Showers.

Enjoy organic fabrics and natural dyes at Earthrise, then stock up at Rolling Oats refill store or head to the legendary Tiny Tea Tent to treat yourself to tea and cake.

Tickets to The Green Gathering | 4 – 7 August 2022