NATURE’S WAY leads you through curious spaces and experiences between our stone circle and woodland faerie glade…

Discover the Voices of Gaia talk space with its programme of earthy and esoteric subjects – from the magic and medicine of herbs to sacred geometry, perception and connection, dowsing, and shamanic wisdom.

Explore storytelling spaces, immersive art, the astrologers’ abode and more. The Annual Daydream Harvest spins dreams into reality and there’s quiet space for reflection each night.

Venture into the trees to discover a magical Tolkienesque realm, then dive through the faerie arch into the Permaculture Woods to discover a whole community dedicated to Earth Care, People Care and Fair Shares.

In the HILL VILLAGE on the edge of our Village Green you’ll find artists, artisans, nomads and travellersthose who live off grid or alternatively all year round and characters with many a tale to tell.

It’s a space to slow down, relax, learn and explore.

Here you can enjoy a wood-fired shower or sauna at SAMS; visit Celia’s Herbals; practice bender building and rocket stove cookery at the Low Impact Living space; have a chinwag and learn about the pace of horsedrawn life with Steve of Britain; learn how to Grow Your Own Home with One Planet Living; rediscover the joys of materials made to last with Campaign For Cloth; and soak up extraordinary stories and practical know-how from the wise folk of our Green Gathering community.

An open and enquiring mind is all that’s required…


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