● All contractors and volunteers shall attend operational and/or safety briefings as requested, and undertake to work according to Health and Safety legislation and guidance, and to apply established safe working practices.
● Contractors and volunteers shall accept responsibility for their own behaviour with regard to the implementation of all safety practices and undertake, where appropriate, to be familiar with all event safety documents and contingency plans.
● Contractors will supply their own Personal Protection Equipment where required. Volunteers will be supplied with Personal Protection Equipment where required.
● Working whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs could be dangerous and may constitute grounds for being asked to leave your post / leave site / forfeit any fee.
● Smoking regulations for places of work will apply in all enclosed spaces on the site.


● All GG crew – including volunteers, contractors and OTP directors – undertake to create a safe and respectful environment for working, networking and social activities related to The Green Gathering.
● Prejudice or negative discrimination based on ethnicity, nationality, age, gender, sexuality, gender presentation, ability/disability, class or religious affiliation will not be accepted during Green Gathering meetings or event production. (Gender critical beliefs are permitted; hostility to trans, non-binary or intersex people is not.)
● Green Gathering meetings and events aim to be as accessible as possible, bearing in mind constraints of terrain and cost.
● GG crew are expected to avoid making unwelcome physical contact; physical, verbal or online abuse, intimidation or harassment; and/or unverified accusations, assumptions, slander etc against other members of the GG community or public while working for the Gathering and in Green Gathering spaces (meetings, event sites, online).
● GG is a signatory to the Association of Independent Festivals Safer Space Initiative and has zero tolerance for sexual assault, defined as ‘any unwanted sexual act or activity’. We promote consent, have a survivor-led approach and provide support services on site at our Welfare tent.
● Our Nudity Policy


● All contractors, volunteers and OTP directors undertake to respect people, animals and the environment in the production of the Green Gathering event.
● Waste, destruction, pollution, fossil fuel use and feeding corporate profits are to be minimised in the production of the Green Gathering event.
● All activities undertaken by The Green Gathering – the charity and its trading arm OTP CIC – aim to promote environmental sustainability, ecological awareness, biodiversity, human rights and appropriate education, technology and communication.
● Please have a look at our full Sustainability Policy (a living document)

Thank you for reading our Policies, and for being part of The Green Gathering community. Should you need to direct someone how to make a formal complaint: Complaints Procedure