The Craft Area, an island nestled in the trees, offers young and old alike the chance to learn traditional crafts from skilled makers. You can easily spend all day here, gaining practical skills for a sustainable life…

Blacksmithing, carpentry, wood and stone carving, copperwork, pottery, basketry, weaving, upcycling, drum making, felting and tool repair are just some of the crafts on offer in individual workshops.

Plus, at the ‘Craft Office’ you’ll find a programme of short, free sessions suitable for a wide range of ages and skills, for example macrame, upcycled jewellery making, origami and clothes mending.

Did you know there’s a List of Critically Endangered Heritage Crafts? check it out

The Heritage Crafts Association safeguards techniques and cultural heritage which may prove invaluable in building resilience… and our fantastic Craft Area Co-ordinator Emma Tomkins is determined to help save skills for future generations.

We will be showcasing a selection of endangered crafts at the festival.

A Selection of our Craft WORKSHOPS…

Can you handle it? – Make, fit & finish new ash handles to old tool heads.

Funky Furniture & Woodcraft – Woodcraft workshops in hazel flowers, stools and walking staffs.

Glen Mooar Cottage Retreat – Make a festival bracelet, using colourful yarn and a wooden fastener on a traditional weaving disc.

Hammered – Beaten copperwork workshops.

Ian Freemantle Wood Sculpture – Sculpture and woodworking workshop, plus storytelling and poetry performing.

MillyPeds – Workshops and information in all aspects of cycling – maintenance, electric bikes, employment opportunities and moped maintenance.

Mushroom Paul – Making wooden mushrooms. Fun for all the family.

Slator Creator – Select a stone, drill, file and sand before a dab of oil finishes your pendant.

Tez Roberts Ceramics – Raku workshops: glaze and fire your own unique piece of ceramic art.

The Nowhere Forge – Blacksmithing workshops, make a trinket ranging from jewellery to a carving knife.

Wild & Wandering – Make Indian bunting and drawstring bags.

Willow Be’Hooked – Make a willow creation, from garden objects to dream catchers. Free lantern making workshops and a parade on Saturday evening, check the Info Tent for times!

On The Flip Side – Lino printing workshop.

Running Horse Shamanic Drums – Make a frame drum and felt headed beater. Also felt making.

The Solar Vinyl Lounge is based here – a celebration of music on sun-powered vinyl. Stop by to choose your favourite record from an eclectic collection of hundreds of singles and LPs from the 1950s to 2000s. Then chill in a deckchair and enjoy the memories.

You’ll also find the Peace Garden crew in the Craft Area, looking out over their peaceful oasis and tending the plants daily.

Tickets to The Green Gathering | 4 – 7 August 2022