March 7, 2019

For International Women’s Day 2019, the award-winning Green Gathering joined forces with pioneers City to Sea to empower women to choose Plastic Free Periods.

In 2022, our 10th birthday year, we invented Moon Loos – dedicated festival toilets for people with periods, complete with private sinks for washing hands and rinsing reusable period wear.

In 2023 we're joining the Red Tent movement by providing a supportive restful space for people having their period at the festival, and we'll be stocking mooncups and reusable period pads in our Welfare Tent, for sale at non-profit prices.

In 2019 almost 12 million pads, panty liners and tampons were disposed of every day in the UK alone – with many being flushed down the loo and ending up in our oceans. A ‘conventional’ menstrual pad can contain as much plastic as four carrier bags. Those that don’t pollute the waterways are sent to landfill and may live longer than the person who used them.

Following the success of our Bring Your Own Mug campaign, The Green Gathering reached out to organisations which work to combat period poverty and period shame alongside reducing period plastic.

We aim to expand choice, support girls and women, reduce plastic pollution and transform how people think about periods. City to Sea has collated a treasure trove of information about reusable period wear options and also highlights organic, toxin-free products for when washing isn’t practical.

We’re incredibly passionate about our #PlasticFreePeriods campaign because it ties into so many issues as well as that of protecting our oceans. Switching to reusables and spreading awareness about our product options is empowering, educational and can help contribute to a more equitable and compassionate world for all.”

– Jasmine Tribe, campaigns co-ordinator for City to Sea

It’s fantastic there are now so many practical and aesthetically lovely #PlasticFreePeriod products to choose from. Reusables can be expensive initially but they’re much, much cheaper in the long run. Perhaps girls should receive a one-off payment when they reach period age to help them get started? I’d campaign for that!”

– Em Weirdigan, Green Gathering festival director

Women talking about period pants, menstrual cups and washable pads feature in City To Sea’s inspiring videos feels radical. If more and larger festivals join The Green Gathering to campaign for #PlasticFreePeriods, perhaps talking about something 50% of the population experiences every month for much of their lives won’t seem strange in the near future.

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