January 13, 2024

‘PAY MORE’ TICKETS – huh, what?

Last month we quietly launched our ‘pay more’ ticket options for those with higher incomes. We’re honoured, humbled, relieved and a bunch of other good feelings because.... People have been buying them!

So what’s this all about?

Well, The Green Gathering is a non-profit event, running largely on the love of volunteers, but we do need to pay for all the infrastructure and services that make a festival function – toilets, plumbing, medical and security staff and so many nitty-gritty practical things – and, of course, we need to offer some payments to our coordinators and performers, many of them freelancers struggling to make a living.

In 2023 we only just covered our costs: we’re resilient, we’re not going bust, but being close to the financial edge holds us back from making the festival more sustainable, more creative, more glorious. We have so many great ideas, and so much of your feedback we want to act on - being hobbled by a lack of £s is frustrating.

What we charge for GG tickets is wildly low compared with what we provide – hundreds of free talks and workshops, over a hundred performances, free kids’ activities, four days camping and so much more. We keep ticket prices as low as we can, because we want to be accessible to people on lower wages.

We know many of you are likely being impacted by years of austerity and the cost-of-living-crisis - don’t worry, we don’t expect you to pay more to support the festival (and if you want to come and can’t afford a standard priced ticket, consider volunteering).

But, if you’re someone who does have a reasonable salary or decent savings... please, please consider paying more for your ticket. ‘Pay More’ tickets are currently being offered at £150 and £200. If you love the festival even more than that, please contact - we’d love to help you help us.


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