March 7, 2021

2020 should have been our most gender diverse year.

We’ve been working to achieve a better gender balance on our line-up, and now we’re proud to announce we’ve signed the Keychange Pledge. Keychange is a movement that counts the discounted, taking action to empower talented under-represented genders in the music industry. We are joining over 400 music organisations who have pledged to achieve gender balance by 2022.

Our pledge:

We pledge to increase the diversity of gender representation and achieve a 50/50 split in our artists’ gender balance.

We will aim to have 50% of our line up made up of, or fronted by, female and/or gender minority people in 2022.

But what about 2021? Well, we’re nearly there…

Of the 83 artists/groups confirmed for 2021:

14 are solo females

14 are solo males

11 are majority female groups

28 are majority male groups

11 are a 50/50 split

(5 are groups we don’t have accurate data for!)

Of 28 majority male bands, 12 are female led

Of the 11 50/50 split groups, 7 are female led

Behind the scenes, our directors are 3 females : 2 males, with area & venue co-ordinators adding up to 13 females : 11 males.

In other words, our festival will feature and is run by an array of fabulous artists and organisers that we’re absolutely buzzing about, and can’t wait to share our line up with you this summer. We’ll see you there soon.

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