May 30, 2021

Every year at festivals you’ll see danger zones cordoned off with hazard tape – red and white plastic tape which nearly always ends up scrunched and torn on the waste pile after a single use.

As we’re always looking for new ways to make our festival as low-impact as it possibly can be, we’ve decided even minimal use of hazard tape simply can’t go on. Of course, we’re also pretty insistent on making our festival as safe as it can be too.

Which is why we came up with an idea: we’ll use DANGER BUNTING! Across our site, instead of plastic tape, you’ll see red and white bunting to warn you away from dangerous areas – much like the handy illustration at the foot of this page, sketched by festival artist Drea Blackbird. Well-made danger bunting will be reusable year after year (as well as looking cute).

And instead of buying bunting, we want you to help us MAKE IT.


We’re offering FESTIVAL TICKET DISCOUNT CODES to any keen and crafty individuals who’ll make us 10 metres or more of danger bunting.

If you can make 10 metres, we’ll give you a discount code for a £110 ticket, saving you at least £20. If you already have a ticket, this code can be given to a friend for this year, or saved and used in 2024.

If you can make more than 10 metres of bunting, that would be fabulous, and we can arrange additional discount codes to make it worth your while - up to a whole free ticket if you can make 80 metres!

Email with the subject line ‘Danger Bunting!’ to let us know you’re going to help – we need to see how many people can commit to this, to ensure we have the bunting in time for our festival.


The bunting needs to be made of red and white alternating cloth (see illustration below).

We'd like it to be double sided, using two pieces of the same material stitched together, then stitched to bunting tape. We’re asking for double sided to be sure it's durable and won't shred in the wind.

This material doesn’t need to be plain however – we encourage upcycling and the use of leftover material you have from other projects! It just needs to be very clearly and visibly red and white alternating.

The material also needs to be not too heavy, so it won’t get bogged down in the rain.

Ideally we’d like 3 flags per metre, and the size of each flag should be about 18cm wide and 21 cm long. A bit of variation is fine though!

Sound like something you can make? Then let us know!


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