July 11, 2018

Don’t be a Mug – Bring Your Own (BYOM)

We trialled the Bring Your Own Mug campaign at our 2018 festival, and have ramped it up since. Now, we’d love to wipe out single use cups completely!

By bringing your own mug, festival-goers can slash the waste involved in production and disposal of thousands of paper cups.

Disposable culture goes against everything The Green Gathering stands for. We have super ethical cafes but they don’t all have the capacity to carry stacks of crockery. Getting on board with our BYOM campaign is only a small step beyond carrying a reuseable water bottle.

Over the last few years, the festival has banned single-use plastics, plastic-lined serveware, bioplastics and plastic glitter. We insist any single-use serveware is compostable, but even so creating a paper cup just to use once is such a waste of precious resources.

We will have a small quantity of enamel mugs for sale in our Info Exchange Tent.

And, here’s a hot tip:

Did you know the sturdy reuseable plastic stack-cups we use in our bars are certified safe to use for hot drinks? Who doesn’t love a half pint of tea in the morning?!


More info:

How many times do you have to use a reusable cup for it to be the environmentally friendly option? The RAW Foundation gives the answer as between 2.5 and 14 times, depending what the cups are made from. Twice daily for a week, at the most. The most recent research shows that even once washing and transport have been taken into consideration, real crockery makes sense.

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