Kangaroo Moon weave many strands from world, rock, folk and dance, with acoustic and electronic influences into a funky, psychedelic, heart-lifting wall of sound. Trancey, richly melodic and dancey, listeners experience a sound which unites the body and soul in deep, joyful psychedelia and elemental dance.

Kangaroo Moon have their roots in the music people play and the music people dance to. They've played and danced their way through more than a few permutations of global sound. Well travelled, extensive touring in Australia and Europe, the band has played Glastonbury and Womad several times, as well as Phoenix, Guildford, Mistelbach (Austria), Sfinks (Belgium), Oerol (Netherlands), Maleny & the National Folk (Oz).

The band has recorded many albums since their roots in 1988. Mark Robson, Matt Ledgar, David Williams and Elliet Mackrell being the originators, the sound has grown with their experience, striving for originality in a business thriving with talent. The sheer commitment and skill involved in wooing an audience to fly. Inspiring and evocative, the Celtic-Aboriginal / Aussie roots meet in rhythm with the spiralling speeds of our millenial inheritance.

The band still has a large pool of associated musicians who appear at various occasions, so Kangaroo Moon continues to be a many headed marsupial with regular surprises. Gigs in Europe and Australia over the past few years have featured different line-ups, some of these past and present musicians include;

BASS: Dave Sturt , Maurice Cernigoi (down under)

GUITARISTS: Jerry Bewley, Steve Berry (down under)

DRUMS: Matt Ledgar - the fairy god drummer. Mike Giri - London. Myke Vince - based in Bristol. Ian Campbell - ex Doctor Didg sticksman. Rick Cole - the most distinguishly coiffeured member of the band played on 2003's Europe tour and in Australia 2004. Greg Sheehan - awesome Aussie Percussionist.

With such a dynamic pool of musicians to call on, Kangaroo Moon's musical spectrum has widened more than ever with electro squelchy psychedelic funk, ethno celto folk and everything in between getting a look in.

The band have been augmented on a less regular basis by a host of colourful characters including Thom the World Poet, Tim Wheater 'the mystic flute' formerly of the Eurythmics, Fred Hood, former drummer of the Pretenders and now in Moodswings, along with Northumbrian pipes players, belly dancers, drummers and members of the audience.

Kangaroo Moon - living proof that even teleport travel causes jetlag, nurtured in two cultures, two hemispheres, hopping from summer to summer across the planet born of the European dreaming joining the ancient dreamtime of Australia, carried by a vision to play music for all the people everywhere, and to find the keys to the van.