Festival Contractor Responsibilities

  • If you provide services or infrastructure to Optimistic Trout Productions, for The Green Gathering, and charge a fee for doing so, you are a contractor.

  • The specifics of your contract will be worked out on individual basis.

  • What follows is applicable to ALL contractors and forms part of your contract.

1. Contractors will regularly liaise with at least one GG festival Director, to make progress reports and to raise any concerns or questions about fulfilment of the contract.

2. Contractors may only be paid on receipt of invoices. The amount to be paid will be agreed pre-event. Invoices must include full name and business address, and company number if applicable.

3. Contractors are not employees. Contractors are responsible for their own tax and national insurance.

4. If a contractor hires sub-contractors, the contractor is responsible for payment to those sub-contractors. GG is not the employer of those sub-contractors.

5. Contractors must abide by Green Gathering Terms, Conditions & Policies when in GG spaces.

6. Failure to fulfil the terms of your contract, or non-compliance with GG Terms, Conditions & Policies, may result in forfeit of fee and/or replacement with another contractor.

7. Except in extreme cases (eg potential for major harm to GG people or event, or a serious criminal offence), perceived problems with a contractor’s work will be addressed by a GG festival Director verbally (at least once) and in writing/email (at least once), before a fee is forfeited or a replacement contractor appointed.

8. Except in extreme cases, there will be an opportunity to discuss and redress problems, before a fee is forfeited or a replacement contractor appointed.

9. Contractors may express GG-related concerns or grievances to relevant area/service Co-ordinators. Any issues that remain unresolved may be brought to the attention of one or more of the festival’s Directors, who will endeavour to facilitate resolution. Please note that the festival cannot ensure participants’ satisfaction where Terms & Conditions, Health & Safety guidance or Green Gathering Policies are not adhered to.

10. A record of contacts made on behalf of OTP will be made available to GG festival Directors where there is a legitimate administrative need. For example, GG festival Directors have legitimate need for access to information about ticket buyers; advertisers; stewards; volunteers; traders etc.

11. Databases provided to the event by the contractor will be considered confidential, and vice versa.

12. Any passwords used for GG business (eg social media) must be shared with at least one GG festival Director.

13. Contractors must not disseminate Green Gathering-related information such as databases, email addresses or email content without authorisation from a GG festival Director.

14. All contracts/agreements run for one annual event only. Contractors will be invited to submit proposals in the autumn for the following year’s contract. (You may informally be asked if you’d like to participate again earlier than this, but a formal agreement must be reached before you consider yourself contracted and terms set.)

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