• “…Party your heart out, then wake up & make the world a better place…”

    –TRAVEL MAG: Best Festivals & Fairs in Wales

  • “…We absolutely loved everything about Green Gathering…”


  • “…easily the most chilled, uplifting and inspiring festival in the UK today…”


  • “… The Green Gathering is different, for all the right reasons. It is a truly low impact festival…“


Green Gathering is the greenest festival in the UK. Here's why:


In 2019, we recycled a whopping 73% of all waste generated at our festival.


Our festival is completely off-grid. Our needs are met by sun, wind, and people!


All of our caterers are vegetarian and most offer vegan options. At least a third are exclusively vegan.


Single-use plastics have been banned in our bars and food stalls since 2015.

The Green Gathering is a showcase of real life, low-impact alternatives. Its focus is education for sustainability, with the emphasis that education should be hands-on and fun. The festival’s philosophy is ‘beyond hedonism’ and we aim to provide an environment where creativity can be applied to ecological and social dilemmas in a tapestry of skill-sharing and entertainment, all powered by wind, sun, people and passion.

Festival-goers frequently say that attendance at a Green Gathering inspired them to change their outlook, habits and lifestyle. Where many festivals are all about forgetting responsibilities and enjoying the show, GG aims to trigger a sense of responsibility and to equip festival-goers with the mindset and skills to transform their lives, and the world, for the better.

Read our sustainability policy for more info.