The Green Gathering Grove

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Putting love back into the land

As an award-winning event focused on climate and community resilience, taking care of the site where we hold our festival is hugely important to everyone involved with The Green Gathering.

In 2019 and 2021 we undertook necessary work on trees within Piercefield Park which were at risk of dropping limbs and making our festival unsafe.

While the work was carried out in an environmentally sympathetic manner, since then we have felt an increasing urgency to balance this tree surgery with regeneration of the site.

We’re so excited! Our proposal to create an educational and celebratory grove of native trees within Piercefield Park has this week been approved by the site owners!

Em Weirdigan, GG director

Our Green Gathering Grove will enhance local biodiversity; and it will provide a space for our community to celebrate and to remember with sadness, gratitude and joy people from our festival family who have died.

The trees we plant may be small but in time future generations will be wowed by them, as we are each year by the wondrous Wise Old Oak, grown from a tiny acorn planted in Piercefield Park’s past.

The Green Gathering Grove will be a three-year project (at least, who knows, we may just keep planting!).

In February 2022 we will plant an inner circle of small trees such as holly, hazel, elder, plum and crab apple. The following year we’ll add a middle ring of larger trees including rowan, birch, hawthorn and alder. In Year 3 we’ll plant giants around the edge of our Grove – oak, chestnut, lime, Scots pine and other venerable species.

We’ll include fruit and nut trees, trees that are laden with blossom in the Spring, trees that provide shade and shelter, huggable trees and awesome trees.

And in the middle of the Grove we will plant a Standing Stone; a Memory Stone where we can remember losses, grieve, ground ourselves, receive comfort, build connections and nurture new beginnings.

To contribute to The Green Gathering Grove, visit our Just Giving page. Every little, every £, will help create this piece of regenerative magic.


Tickets to The Green Gathering | 4 – 7 August 2022

Tickets to The Green Gathering | 4 – 7 August 2022