TENT HIRE: We’ve teamed up with makers of authentic Yurts, Tipis and Bell Tents – and with Camplight who upcycle tents and pitch them for you.

Being Green, some of you travel by foot, bicycle or public transport, and it’s difficult to do that carrying a family’s-worth of camping equipment. Some of you only camp once a year and prefer to hire a solid, pre-pitched shelter than buy flimsy, throw-away gear. For people with reduced mobility, crawling into a small tent might be a nightmare but with a tall and sturdy structure, camping could become possible and fun. Whatever the reason, each year more Gatherers choose the hire option.

To hire a shelter, click the links below to find out how, and how much.

If you’d like to have your authentic dwelling sited in a specific place – eg family, quiet or assisted access areas – please request this on booking.

Our Avalon Yurts are SOLD OUT FOR 2022… but don’t worry… Hearthworks – our Tipi supplier – has Yurts too!

Avalon Yurts
Blissfull Belltents

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