img_4778Permaculture is one of the top 10 grassroots movements capable of changing the world – SHIFT magazine

Immerse yourself in practical and theoretical aspects of living design…

In the Permaculture Zone gardeners, builders, chefs, artists and teachers pitch in to create a beautiful, productive, caring and informative space filled with tools for living sustainably. Hands-on experts demonstrate how to use resources wisely via talks and workshops, and the community welcomes curious visitors with campfire cameraderie.

The following describes 2018 activities… we’ll be updating soon…

In each of the two main yurts (Earth Care and Fair Shares), you will find talks and workshops about different aspects of Permaculture. We the uncivilised will host our People Care space, and it is here you will find a lively selection of Permaculture inspired films.

Sarah Sadler and Josie Holt will host the parent and baby care yurt, a safe space for gentle chat, breastfeeding, and sharing the realities of early parenthood. This is also where you will find our baby-wearing sling library.

Enjoy parent and child time with our beastie box make and do sessions, bang together reclaimed wood and foraged materials to make a community home for birds or mini beasts.

We also have a popular Free Shop, curated by Jane and Pete: take what you want, bring what you no longer need. Here you will find clothes and shoes, bedding and camping equipment, and maybe even a teddy bear to cuddle!




Talks and Workshops

We welcome talks from members of communities, with representation from Brithdir Mawr, Steward Community Woodland, Landmatters Co-operative and more; they will talk about how their communities were formed, how they operate, and the pitfalls to avoid.

The Mayflower Project will host a consultation with young people, looking at how this community can come together to create their own spaces and fulfill their needs at The Green Gathering.

We look forward to talks from Maddy and Tim Harland about how Permaculture Magazine was set up, and the role they play in creating a community of permaculturistas, and skill sharing via print and online resources.

Paul Allen of Zero Carbon Britain and the Centre of Alternative Technology (CAT), will present the latest research findings and how the Zero Carbon project is developing into regional groups.

The inimitable Mike Feingold will take you on a whistle stop tour of Permaculture practice, with examples of the work he does in Bristol.

Bob Walley from co-operative enterprise Envirolution will talk about his work with the Big Steppe project, and the expedition to Mongolian communities to explore and better understand how the themes of change and adaptation are intertwined with migration from rural to urban areas.

Area co-ordinator Tammi Dallaston will talk about her experience in organising and running Permaculture areas at festivals, and how transient communities form around the shared ethics of earth care, people care and fair shares.

Hannah-Marie Donovan will be talking about natural bee keeping.

Tony Grace will be leading sessions on nature connection, and how this engenders the love needed to protect man, beast and environment.

Stella Pantazi will be showing festival goers the edible and medicinal qualities of the wild weeds that surrounds us on a magical foraging safari.

Gareth Fysh-Foskett, former Buddhist monk, will talk about his work developing a community of Buddhists in conscious environmental volunteering.



PHOTO CREDITS: Thanks to Stefan Handy, Keef Gibson, Ayesha Jones, Ben Cavanna, Brian Darcy, Zoltan, Johnny Solstice & Cathryn, Mike Urban, AimeeVPhotography, Garry Holden, Mark Pickthall, Greeny Lens, & all who've shared their pics.

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