Nudity Policy

The Green Gathering’s policy on nudity aims to balance a supportive approach to an individual’s wish to feel free and to choose to be without clothes, and wider considerations about everyone’s comfort and safety.

The Green Gathering considers respectful public nudity of a non-sexual manner to be natural. Respectful nudity in the main outdoor festival areas in daylight hours, and of course in the Sauna and Sweatlodge areas, is fine. 

As part of our general approach to sexual safety, and a commitment to ensuring everyone’s comfort, nudity is not permitted in indoor venues, outdoors after dark (except in managed Sauna/Sweatlodge areas) or in dense crowds due to the anonymity these environments provide for those who may not be acting respectfully or within the law.

Adult nudity is not permitted in the Kid’s Garden or on the perimeter of the Kids’ Garden where child-focused activities such as Crazy Golf and Circus Skills workshops are based. Adult nudity is also not permitted in the wooded Permaculture glade area.

If you have concerns about potentially inappropriate nudity these may be reported to Stewards, the Info Exchange Tent or Welfare Tent crew; ask for your concerns to be passed to the Event Management team.

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