Legendary festival favourites, up-and-coming talent, solo artistes, punk bands, politically conscious singer-songwriters, protest bands, global grooves, psychedelic sounds, folk tunes, swing, dance, ska, reggae, rap and poetry… watch this space as the 2017 line up unfolds.



First acts confirmed for 2017 include…

Neck, Stick in the Wheel, Kangaroo Moon, Hoopy Frood, Dohnut, Firepit Collective, Jabba Cartel, One Eyed God, The Don Bradmans, Sika, Rosie Swayne, The Antipoet, Indian Man, Terry Logan, BAAB, Guranfoe, Sundara, Ukejam, Jenn Hart, Clare Ferguson-Walker, The Wierdstring Band, Bill Lloyd, Creedy, Phil Cudworth.




Great acts from GG’s past include Martha Tilston, 3 Daft Monkeys, RDF, Nik Turner, The Ukrainians, Here & Now, Regime, Kangaroo Moon, Seize The Day, The Majestic, AOS3, Dub The Earth, Tarantism, The Undercover Hippy, John Fairhurst, Jabba Cartel, Formidable Vegetable Sound System, The Imprints, Echo Town, The Don Bradmans, Pagan Love Cult, Magic Bus, Dohnut, Hattie Hatstar, Sika, Rory McLeod, Suzy Condrad, Roving Crows, Salena Godden, the Artist Taxi Driver and John Hegley.



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