2018 will see…

3 Daft Monkeys, Dragonsfly, Kangaroo Moon, Nik Turner, Echo TownTroyka, Poisoned Electrick Head, The Majestic, The Spacegoats, Dohnut…




Smiley and the Underclass, Mobius Loop, Tetchi, She, Robot, The Brewer’s Daughter, The High Breed, River Roots, One Eyed God, Dub Thieves, Skiprat…




Funke & the Two Tone Baby, Brian BoothbyHayereyah & the Human Bridge Band, Matthew Frederick, Terry LoganThe BalkaneersNeil Pike, Nigel ShawPagan Love Cult, Tracey Curtis, Vojta…




Hannah Scott, Luke Philbrick & the Black Diamond Express to HellMad Hallelujah Tribe, Restless Youth, Global, Bethlehem CasualsThe Brouhaha, Cloud CuckooSunny & Ed Davidson, Wierdstring BandMischa & His Merry Men, Catrin O’ Neill, HallelugeniaMe and the Creepers, Dead Happy, Sarah Tonin, Water for Dogs, Andy Twyman, Husky Tones, Tori Reed, Dangerous Dinky


… and in the Raconteurs’ Delight:

Three Acres and a Cow, Salena Godden, Peter Bearder (aka Pete The Temp), Paul Eccentric (of Antipoet fame),  Jamie Bevan, Clare Ferguson Walker, Amy Rainbow, Johnny Fluffypunk, Great Big Feet, Cool Beans RoadshowCircus Kaos, Pypedau Vagabondi (Puppet Theatre)…

…plus many more live acts across four intimate solar-powered stages.

Check out tunes & video from just a few of our GG 2018 acts.



Legendary festival favourites, up-and-coming talent, solo artistes, punk bands, politically conscious singer-songwriters, protest bands, global grooves, psychedelic sounds, folk tunes, swing, dance, ska, reggae, rap, cabaret, comedy and poetry…

…The Green Gathering has it all.

Great acts from GG’s recent past include Transglobal Underground, Martha Tilston, RDF, The Ukrainians, Here & Now, Hoopy Frood, Regime, The Majestic, AOS3, John Fairhurst, Tarantism, The Undercover Hippy, Formidable Vegetable Sound System, Seize The Day, Sika, Rory McLeod, Dub The Earth, The Don Bradmans, The Imprints, Pagan Love Cult, The King Driscolls, Magic Bus, Hattie Hatstar, The Antipoet, Bea Everett, Roving Crows, the Artist Taxi Driver and John Hegley.


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