We’re hoping to move most of our fabulous 2020 acts to the 2021 festival.

Check out a selection of them by clicking the pictures below, or take a look at our Spotify and YouTube playlists.

Legendary festival favourites, up-and-coming talent, solo artistes, punk bands, politically conscious singer-songwriters, protest bands, global grooves, psychedelic sounds, folk tunes, swing, dance, ska, reggae, rap, cabaret, comedy and poetry…

…The Green Gathering has it all.

Funke & The Two Tone Baby Green Gathering 30 July - 2 Aug 2020
Keepers Brew Green Gathering 30 July - 2 Aug

YouTube Line-Up Playlist

Mischa & His Merry Men Green Gathering 30 July - 2 Aug 2020

Also featuring Tori Sheard, TAGARADR, Smokin’ Pilchards, Slippery Slope, Siobhan McCrudden, Phil Cudworth, The Magnificent AKs, Hands of the Heron, GENN, Greenness, Dragonsfly, Paul Divers, The Borgias, The Balkaneers, Mica Sinclair, Adelaide Percy, Feral Pussies, Edd Donovan and more!

Tickets to The Green Gathering 2021 | 29 July – 1 August

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