Legendary festival favourites, up-and-coming talent, solo artistes, punk bands, politically conscious singer-songwriters, protest bands, global grooves, psychedelic sounds, folk tunes, swing, dance, ska, reggae, rap and poetry… the Green Gathering is the festival that has it all.  Confirmed for 2017 are;

Amy Rainbow, Anapurna, Animal Krackers, The Antipoet, Baab, Bea Everett, Beastfish, Black Light Secret, Blanty & Matt, Bob Hillary & The Massive Mellow, Bruce Neil, Calico Jack, Cardinal Sin, Circe’s Diner, Clare Ferguson-Walker, Clarkestein, Cosmo, The Crazy Rhythm Club, Creedy, Dan Kemp, Declan Millar, Deborah Rose & Mari Randle, DodoBones, Dohnut, The Don Bradmans, Dr Day’s Junction, The Fellowship, The Firepit Collective, Fran Wyburn and the Indigoes, Geordie Little, Georgia Palmer, The Goat Roper Rodeo Band, Gorias, Green Man Rising, Harp Nouveau & The Harp-Faery Queen, Hedgegods, Hedgespoken, The High Breed, Holly Ebony, Hoopdriver, Hoopy Frood, Indian Man, Invisible Gem, Iza Moon, Jabba Cartel, Jake Martin, Jamie Bevan a’r Gweddillion, Jazz Gnome Assassins, Jenn Hart, John Fairhurst, Johnny Solstice, Kangaroo Moon, Kara J Richards, Kath Tait, The King Biscuit Boys, The King Driscolls, Laika and The Falling Stars, Loka, Loonaloop, Magic Bus, Mice in a Matchbox, Neck, Nik Turner’s Space Ritual, October, Omnivibes, One Eyed God, The Original Smirkins & Friends, Owl in The Sun, Paul Divers, Phil Cudworth, Poeterry, …pr@xis?,  Rainbow Gecko, River Roots, Rosie Swayne, Roundabout Now, Sacred Geometry Band, Salena Godden, Seize The Day, Seize The Night, Selena Mara, Shankara Andy Bole, Sika, Smiling Ivy, Solebound, SP, Stella Homewood, Steve Kaos, Stick in the Wheel, Sundara, Sunny & Ed Davidson, The Swing Caravan, Terry Logan, Transglobal Underground, Track Dogs, Troyka, Ukejam, Vojta, The Wierdstring Band, Wild Birds Singingplus more we’ll try to update this page very soon… Come along & grab a programme on site to find out about all these acts and others that haven’t made it onto the page yet!



Great acts from GG’s past include Martha Tilston, 3 Daft Monkeys, RDF, Nik Turner, The Ukrainians, Here & Now, Regime, Kangaroo Moon, Seize The Day, The Majestic, AOS3, Dub The Earth, Tarantism, The Undercover Hippy, John Fairhurst, Jabba Cartel, Formidable Vegetable Sound System, The Imprints, Echo Town, The Don Bradmans, Pagan Love Cult, Magic Bus, Dohnut, Hattie Hatstar, Sika, Rory McLeod, Suzy Condrad, Roving Crows, Salena Godden, the Artist Taxi Driver and John Hegley.



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