In the Hill Village you’ll find artists, artisans, nomads and travellers… folk who live off grid or unconventionally all year round… characters with many a tale to tell.

Slow down, relax, explore…

Here you can enjoy a wood-fired shower or sauna at SAMS; visit the makers at Woodland Treasures and Celia’s Herbals; practice bender building and rocket stove cookery at the Low Impact Living space; have a chinwag and learn about the pace of horsedrawn life with Steve of Britain; learn about One Planet Living and how to Grow Your Own Home; rediscover the joys of materials made to last with Campaign For Cloth; and soak up extraordinary stories and practical know-how from the wise folk of our Green Gathering community.

An open and enquiring mind is all that’s required…


Tickets to The Green Gathering 2020 | 30 July – 2 August

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