Assisted Access

Assisted Access at Green Gathering was fully subscribed in 2018!

Please check the website from February 2019 if you’d like to use the Assisted Access area or services at The Green Gathering 2019. Make sure you apply before June 30th to be sure of a space.

We hope to grow the area again – we’re committed to making The Green Gathering accessible to more differently-abled people each year!

assisted-accessThe Gathering has an Assisted Access area located on a flat part of the site, close to the main track.

A welcome tent, accessible toilets and shower, communal campfire space and friendly helpful faces can be found here, and our crew will do their best to facilitate everyone’s access to entertainment and services.

Please buy tickets and vehicle passes through The Ticketsellers.

Once you’ve bought your tickets, contact us if you’d like to book any of our Assisted Access services – a space in the Assisted Access area for your tent or campervan, solar powered charging for a wheelchair, BSL communication support, a vehicle pass to enable you to drive to the Assisted Access area, or a ticket for a personal assistant.

You can contact us by email and make bookings between Feb 1st and June 30th 2018. Email our Assisted Access co-ordinator Carole on  We aim to respond within three days but this may take a little longer when volume of applications is high (or when Carole takes a short, well-earned holiday).

All bookings must be completed by June 30th: as a small festival with no outside funding, we have limited space and resources. If you let us know what you need before June 30th, we will do our best to work out how to provide it; if you don’t let us know by this date, I’m afraid we cannot guarantee we’ll have the resources to meet your needs.


BSL communication support is available. Each year we aim to expand provision. In 2017 we had hearing loops in the Assisted Access Box Office (at Gold Gate/Lion Gate), Speakers’ Forum and Soundscape Solar Stage.


The site has one flat, surfaced track. Two music venues, the Speakers’ Forum, Raconteurs’ Delight stage, market stalls, bars, information tent, medical tent, welfare assistance and a number of food stalls and workshops are on or very close to this track. Access to other areas of the festival may become muddy in wet weather; some areas and venues involve travelling a distance on sloping ground.

The Assisted Access crew assist people with reduced mobility to get around the site using a shuttle buggy.

For people bringing an electric wheelchair or mobility scooter, we have a charging station in the Assisted Access area. Please arrive with your chair fully charged and be prepared to do some charging during daylight hours, as our off grid solar power providers struggle to charge batteries from flat, and can’t charge everyone overnight every night. If you have a spare battery, please arrive with that fully charged too!

Be aware that for safety reasons we can only charge appliances that have a current PAT (electrical safety) certificate.


Buy your ticket and your car or campervan pass from our Ticket Shop first, then apply for any PA tickets or Assisted Access area parking or delivery passes you need.

PA Tickets:

A free PA Ticket is available if you are in receipt of higher rate DLA/PIP or equivalent, and are aged 13 or over.

People with Access needs who are not in receipt of high rate DLA/PIP, or who are under 13 years, may be able to bring a PA free of charge at Directors’ discretion.

People who are deaf or hard of hearing may apply for a Communication PA ticket and will be assessed individually.

Vehicle Passes:

Assisted Access vehicle passes are free of charge, but these passes can only be used to supplement a paid-for carpark or paid-for campervan pass.

There are two types of Assisted Access vehicle pass:

1) Assisted Access Essential Onsite Parking. We have very limited space so this is restricted to those who really need it, including:

  • Campervan pass holders who are camping in the Assisted Access area.
  • Carpark pass holders with a genuine medical or disability need for their cars to be kept onsite.

2) ‘Drop off’ Car Passes. For Assisted Access customers who have bought a carpark pass, who need to drive to the Assisted Access area to deliver camping gear or people before parking in the carpark. The carpark is a shuttle-bus ride away from the Assisted Access area.

Please buy tickets and vehicle passes through The Ticketsellers, then apply for your PA ticket or Assisted Access vehicle pass by email to, including your ticket reference number and proof of your access need. Applications should be made between February 1st and June 30th.



“…Massive praise to the Assisted Access area… I have been to quite a few festivals over the years and never felt as much a part of the festival as I do at The Green Gathering. Assisted Access at GG offers more than just an accessible camping area, safety and security; it also offers inclusion to all, friendship and acceptance. A massive thanks to all the Assisted Access crew… I don’t even have any suggestions for improvement because everything in my opinion is perfect.” – Rob

“I must thank you for finding me the perfect ‘safe’ place to be… that means so much to us. There aren’t many festivals I feel comfortable at, in fact yours is now the only one on my list!” – Johnny

“I would like to thank you all for the work you do in providing the amazing level of support to those who may never otherwise be able to experience camping let alone a great festival. During our stay we only needed low level help but it was great to feel you guys were there if we really needed help.” – Graham


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