The notion of a Green Gathering Charity was first mooted in the mists of time, when the Big Green Gathering* was growing apace and those involved wanted to be sure that the event remained ethical, educational & ecologically sound.

The idea was raised and set aside numerous times over the intervening years, until, in 2010, at a weekend camp for the Big Green Gathering community (bereft after the BGG was cancelled)  – we witnessed the rising of a phoenix. Not only did our community decide to begin putting on renewably-powered showcase events again; we also agreed to dust off the Charity idea and, by doing so, open ourselves up to new members.

The Green Gathering Charity intends to take forward the spirit of the old Big Green Gathering, while providing a new model for working collaboratively to host educational, sustainable events and to address social and environmental issues which are demanding our attention with increasing urgency.

The charity model will open up avenues of funding unavailable to us in the past, and so will help us to share more widely the great wealth of knowledge and experience we hold as a community.

In order to deliver on its objectives, the charity will commission an annual Green Gathering event which will be delivered on behalf of the charity by its ‘trading arm’ – Optimistic Trout Productions, a Community Interest Company.

The charity will be able to fundraise for elements of the Gathering; and in the future it will be able to use any financial surplus generated by the event to further its wider educational and environmental objectives.

Please contact us if you’d like to donate to the Green Gathering Charity!

*More info on the Big Green Gathering

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- Emma Goldman