The Green Gathering is held just outside Chepstow, a walled Welsh border town full of history and charm yet easily accessible. Chepstow has a busy train station and is close to the M4, just 18 miles from Bristol and 125 miles from London.

The festival site is a mile or so from town, on a hill with spectacular views across the Severn estuary and Wye Valley. The neoclassical ruins of Piercefield House provide an atmospheric backdrop (some festivals build ruined buildings as stage sets – we’re lucky and have a real one!).

The surrounding countryside – complete with ancient woodland, standing stones, grottoes, look-outs, caves and local legends – is a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB).


Box office and campsite open at noon on Thursday, the day the festival begins. You’ll need to leave site by noon on Monday once the festival’s over. The box office is otherwise open 10am-10pm. Please arrive between these times to access carpark, campsites and festival.


The box office and carparks are ‘off site’ with a free shuttle bus service. More info can be found on our camping page. There’s also a ‘magic hat’ (by donation) shuttle bus from the train station.

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GETTING HERE: can you do us a favour?

As you know, we are facing a climate emergency

The Green Gathering has won a heap of awards for its sustainability initiatives but we have plenty more to do. So, we have a BIG favour to ask.


You might know that The Green Gathering is proud to be the original off-grid festival – nearly all our electrical needs are met renewably. So getting everyone here remains our biggest obstacle to creating a zero emission festival. In fact…

The festival’s travel footprint accounts for over 98% of its entire emissions

Here’s where you come in. We’ve created The Green Traveller Guide, a whole page with a host of tips, info and incentives to help you travel to the festival in a greener way.

We’re asking everyone to try and take at least one step (and hopefully some can take a giant leap) to make their travel greener this year.

Click here for info about dedicated coaches, easy and cheap public transport, free shuttle buses (donations welcome!), and how even car users can green up.

Great! What else can I do?

Once you’ve chosen your method of transport, we really want to hear about it! Email travel@greengathering.org.uk to tell us how you would have travelled before reading this, what you’ve done to make your travel greener, and what motivated you and helped you to make the change.

You can use the Ecolibrium Carbon Calculator to check the carbon footprint of your usual means of transport then check other methods; how much smaller can you make your footprint? If you really can’t make it any smaller, consider donating to Ecolibrium, a charity that aims to ‘balance travel’ by investing in socially aware renewable energy projects.

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"The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it" -Robert Swan

Read the Green Traveller Guide

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