*Chakras – in Hindu and Buddhist traditions – are (simplistically) energy nodes in the body, with corresponding spiritual meanings

Discover the Voices of Gaia talk space on the Village Green with its programme of earthy and esoteric subjects from the magic and medicine of herbs to sacred geometry, perception and connection, dowsing, and shamanic wisdom.

Voices of Gaia delves into ancient yet relevant Eastern and Western traditions. By looking at the principles on which early communities and cities were created, we may find inspiration to re-align and re-integrate our modern human lives into the wider natural environment.

Interactive sessions – group meditation, yoga, dance, sound journeys and film showings – punctuate the programme of talks.

Speakers aim to provide inspiration focused around seven themes associated with the seven chakras*:

  • Safety; meeting our basic needs (root chakra)
  • Creativity; expressing ourselves (sacral chakra)
  • Empowerment; gaining confidence (navel chakra)
  • Love; connectivity and harmony (heart chakra)
  • Flow; emotions, and working with natural forces (throat chakra)
  • Perception; intuition and listening (third eye chakra)
  • Wisdom; consciousness and healing (crown chakra)

Through these themes Voices of Gaia will explore practical, emotional and spiritual issues ranging from home, finance, sustainable production, food, wellbeing, self-confidence, sexuality, gender, architecture, governance, trade, exchange and travel to energy, climate, fertility, celebration, truth, harmony, spirituality, the cosmos and much (much) more!

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