The Speakers’ Forum is a platform for radical thinkers, activists and academics, a place to learn, enjoy a debate, and find inspiration to take action. In the evenings it transforms into a Radical Cinema with Reel News.

2022 lineup is rolling out now, here’s a taster

Damaging TrendsClare Farrell (XR)

Fashion, culture, and our environmental crises are all connected. When we join the dots on fashion, damage and erasure we understand the connections, and perhaps find an unexpected cultural space where people can get behind really radical change.

Stop Ecocide – Jojo Mehta

Serious harm to the Earth IS preventable: when government ministers can no longer issue permits for it, when insurers can no longer underwrite it, when investors can no longer back it, when CEOs can be held criminally responsible for it, the harm will stop. Jojo Mehta, director of the Stop Ecocide campaign explains how we can all help put in place the law that can truly protect the planet.

Beyond the Ruse of ‘Net Zero’Kevin Anderson

Look under the bonnet and net-zero is little more than a bolt-on gizmo to Business-As-Usual. In true Orwellian style, it has infiltrated academia, journalism, policy-making, company CEOs and NGOs. Net-zero is all things to all people … other than future generations & poor climate vulnerable communities elsewhere. To many of them it is a death sentence.

Just Stop OilRoger Hallam

Just Stop Oil is the biggest climate campaign of 2022 – over 1000 people have been arrested for blocking oil refineries and dozens have be put in prison. The demand is to stop new oil and gas licenses – without winning on this we can forget everything else. In coalition with many partner groups we intend to win this autumn. Find out more and step up.

Creating a Commune: the challenges of radical sharing and community building – Cath, A Commune in the North

The vision: 100-200 people sharing lives and livelihoods, running collective businesses, managing land, being part of a local economy &
culture, and committed to life-long learning, improving communication
and resourcing a wider political agenda.  This is just the beginning…

And not forgetting Brixton Tea Party who serve teas, coffees and flapjack throughout!


Film evenings in the Speaker’s Forum start from 7pm. Programme tbc.

A big thank you to all our speakers, film makers & cinema curators!

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