Campaigns Field

The Campaigns Field is the centre of politics and protest at the Gathering – bringing together activists and academics, and raising awareness around diverse social and environmental justice issues. Every day is jam packed with discussions and workshops, with up to six sessions happening at once.

You’ll find great places to hang out and discuss the things you care about here.

The Speakers’ Forum & Radical Cinema occupy a corner of the field, offering in-depth info, inspiration and debate. There’s resource-swapping, upcycling and recycling at the Clean Stream Centre. There’s Veggies Vegan Catering with cookery workshops in the Food For A Future tent (the BEST veggie burgers are here). And the evenings are owned by the solar-powered Radical Wales DIY open mic tent: come along, have a go!

There’s a packed programme of Workshops in one of our lovely Lotus Domes, and in 2022 the Campaigns Field will also host a Women’s Tent, Queer Space, Earth First!, Radical Routes, No Fixed Abode Travellers, Radical Parenting, Solar Sewing, Greenham Women, South West Against Nuclear and the Green Gathering charity.

Campaigns Workshop topics include:

  • Environment: climate change, fracking, GM
  • Civil liberties: undercover policing, big data, surveillance
  • International relations: Palestine, the war on terror and the refugee crisis
  • Animal rights: hunting, badger culls, vivisection, veganism
  • Infrastructure: nuclear power, renewable energy, sustainable development

… and a whole heap more besides.


CAMPAIGNS WORKSHOP EXAMPLE PROGRAMME… watch this page for 2022 updates


10am. Austerity, The Cuts, Welfare Reforms and Disability Rights

11am. Land For What? Land Justice Network

Noon. What does the far right look like in Wales today?

1pm. How to close down a nuclear bomb factory!

2pm. Activist Media Strategy

3pm. Palestine: School-kids and Onions: for young people and teens

(adults welcome)

4pm. Solidarity: radical care and accountability for social movements

5pm. The real costs of externalising Europe’s borders


10am. Social Movements as Radical Learning Spaces

11am. 25 Years after the Zapatista Uprising: Phases of the Struggle

Noon. Why non-violence doesn’t protect the climate justice movement

from state and corporate subversion

1pm. Hinckley C & Nuclear Guardianship: what you can do

2pm. How does Media influence public opinion?

3pm. Ecological Revolution in NE Syria: Make Rojava Green Again

4pm. Bloody birth of capitalism: Witch Trials, Midwives & the Commons

5pm. Patients Not Passports: resisting the hostile environment


10am. The Politics of Birth

11am. 25 Years after the Zapatista Uprising: Thinking Otherwise

Noon. Overcoming our internal neoliberal monster

1pm. How to close down an Arms Fair!

2pm. What would a democratic media policy look like?

3pm. trans awareness and inclusion; avoiding hostility and alienation

4pm. What does a real democracy look like?

5pm. Pro Choice Activism

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