The Space Falcons are true Space Rock veterans. Originally formed at the Glastonbury Festival ten years ago when a motley collection of Space Rockers young and old, gathered on the Mandala Stage as a cosmic backing band for the late, great Nik Turner, Hawkwind legend and Godfather of Space Rock. Ex Hawkwind roadie Bruce Welch had played drums and guitar regularly with Nik in Hawkwind in 1971 & 1972. A bond was formed which lasts to this day. Grammy award winning producer and Killing Joke bass player Martin 'Youth' Glover soon joined the band for one memorable Glastonbury and within a few months the stunning album 'Interstellar Energy' (on vinyl from Cadiz Records 2020) was written, recorded and produced, faithfully capturing the spirit and vibes and jamming of 1972 and showcasing Nik's amazing sax playing. Nik, Youth and Bruce were joined on the album by powerhouse Richard Lanchester on drums...a true veteran of the psych festival scene since 1970, firebrand Will Hughes on percussion and more bass, wizard Matt Smith on keyboards and the venerable Chris Barnett on Electric violin.

In the last year, Basil Brooks, late of Gong and the Steve Hillage Band has joined on synths...and South  London legend Phil du Mull on sax. The band plays Glastonbury every year at the Mandala Stage as well as gigs in London and the South of England and continues to go from strength to strength. This year on the Mandala at Glastonbury, they played a rocking and emotional tribute gig for Nik and also ex-Hawk Mick Slattery, as the Space Hawks. Nik's unique spirit and vibes live on in every line of every tune. The Space Falcons are ready for takeoff!