MOAN is an alternative anxious OG spiritual hip-hop artist expressing music with a message, through a lens of everyday reality, culture, grit, emotive obsessions & battles within the human psyche over classic boom-bap Jazzy ’Noir’ backdrops.

MOAN embraces mental health & adulthood into his sounds, some of our very modern day culture struggles & inner monologues that we don't often share with others are the very bread and butter MOAN uses to transcribe lyrics. ADHD melodies convert all this into an emotional powerhouse of UK grit & culture in the sounds of what MOAN believes to be real hip-hop and chivalrous wordplay.

After a big 2019, releasing the Bipolar Love Affair E.P. made from diary notes, supporting KRS ONE, & the first time MOAN hit multiple UK Festivals, in 2022 MOAN closed the Friday at 'Green Gathering' returning to the stage after the covid hiatus. September 2022 saw the release of MOAN's debut  12 track album 'Truth & Decay' launched at legendary venue 'The Fiddlers Elbow' leading to then playing a showcase for Independent magazine 'YMX' & then returning to Sheffield to play the christmas 'Peddlar Market' weekend.  There are plans to write a new album in 2023 and as both an artist and human it's obvious how much sobriety & clean living is influencing MOANs music! Easy does it.