Imajica Theatre is a female led company run by Samantha Hough & Kimberly Black, who together have over 30 years' experience of working in community focused theatre. Both are teachers, performers, directors & collectively write all Of Imajica Theatre's original interactive musical theatre productions & hands-on storytelling creative arts & wellbeing workshop programmes.

We specialise in creating relaxed, inclusive, musical theatre experiences for the family friendly audience, written with the younger audience in mind. We create original thought- provoking musical productions, immersive hands-on workshop programmes &interactive musical storytelling shows.We are SEN friendly; we focus on positivity, developing personal confidence. Through our positive storytelling we aim to inspire young people to be brave, courageous & try new things!

To help them find their voice &build confidence through access to the arts & complementary holistic therapies. Our Musical productions take place on our beautifully designed hand painted sets and our lovable warm friendly characters engage with audiences of all ages. We use parodies of popular music guaranteed to have you singing along with us &by changing the words we deliver our positive messages using clear & engaging language that is easy to understand.To ensure our work is engaging & inclusive all our performances are relaxed theatre. We welcome our audiences to be active, to call out & join in with us when prompted. We use sign supported English, using BSL sign language that follows the English speech pattern in our choreography to further support non-verbal audiences & those who use signing alongside speech. We welcome meet &greet opportunities, to provide time for young people to ask us questions.

All of our sets are tactile, beautiful designed to support those with sensory processing needs. We invite you to come on a journey with us, to the wonderful land of Imajica, where anything is possible, &dreams really do come true! Kim and Sam also run workshops to empower women through the arts, we integrate, positive affirmations & confidence building into all of our offers for adults. We run fortnightly vocal coaching, & modern Bellydance. We also run monthly workshops in modern cancan and holistic practices such as EFT, free writing, poetry. we also perform positive pop songs as the 'Wild Sisters' we love to sing songs written by females artists and have an empowering women's cabaret set coming this summer.