Meet at the Bandstand at 3pm on Friday, Satuday and Sunday to be taken on a journey of music and movement, connecting you and your body to the nature around you. Wearing Silent Disco headsets, you'll be immersed in a soundscape and connected to Fiona's guidance. First come first served!" I've taught adults of all ages and abilities for over 40 years to feel more at home in their body...which in turn helps them connect to others. During 2021 I created a local project 'Move in Nature' enabling people to meet up outside using Silent Disco headsets (avoiding sound pollution) so they could be active, and connect with the nature and environment around them. In any session (indoors or outdoors) I use simple movements that can be adapted for all abilities, glorious music that can link to the seasons & nature and include the spoken word. My sessions are a non judgmental place for people to connect to their body and express...and most importantly have fun doing it.