Chiara is a singer-songwriter known for her moving and soulful folk music. Shared straight from the heart, her poetic songs impart her deep love for music and nature, celebrating their power to connect and heal.

Chiara has performed alongside established traditional folk singers such as Sam Lee as well as breakthrough indie/rock artists. Her music has taken her to a variety of respected music venues, such as The Windmill in Brixton, London as well as platforms at the frontier of ecological change, including Oxford Real Farming Conference in the Field and the Resurgence Summer Camp."

Through her music, Chiara calls us to reclaim a life lived in harmony with the earth that sustains us, stirring our collective remembering of ourselves as nature. Her performances are raw and memorable, echoing the music of great folk artists such as Leonard Cohen, Joni Mitchell and Bonnie Rait.

"Accompanying her skilful folk-style guitar playing with her husky and soaring voice, audiences are transported by Chiara's tender and authentic songwriting, lyrical storytelling and poignant vocals." - Casbah Records

As well as sharing songs inspired by her own personal experience, Chiara also writes songs that celebrate the ancient festivals of the Celtic seasonal cycle such as the solstices and equinoxes. Through her earth festival songs, she calls us to live in rhythm with the seasons and in kinship with the rest of the natural world. She performs these songs regularly for the prestigious charity, The Resurgence Trust, that champions social change and ecological responsibility. From this platform, she inspires conscious action, calling her audience to treat themselves and all of nature with greater care and reverence.

"Chiara's songs will call to places deep within you, and open you to the possibilities of all that we might be when we come home to ourselves, each other and the earth." - Fran Price, Events Director at the Oxford Real Farming Trust