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Soundscape Solar Stage…

has the ruins of neoclassical Piercefield House as its backdrop. An outdoor venue with an old school vibe and cutting edge sound, Soundscape hosts every kind of musical act from a ukelele orchestra to an anarchist ceilidh, from punk to protest to psychedelia. With spectacular views across Piercefield Park, a friendly crew and a fine neighbouring bar, it’s tempting to spend the whole weekend here.


inhabits a beautiful bespoke white canvas marquee decorated with great attention to detail, spilling out into a garden with benches and campfire. A cafe-bar and stage for folk, funk and global grooves, Triban has a gentle atmosphere – until the beats accelerate and the place erupts with wild dancing!

Floating Lotus…

is a haven of interconnecting geodesic domes hosting a fab line up of festival faves, up-and-coming young artists, solo impressarios and politically conscious bands. With morning laughter yoga, aromatic teas, lovingly made cakes and real ale on tap.



The Raconteurs’ Delight…

is a captivating venue, hosting spoken word and cabaret acts by night; family friendly entertainment early evening; performance and art based workshops by day; and not-to-be-missed lunchtime specials. Poets, comedians, clowns, storytellers and jazz musicians rub shoulders in the Hedgerow Bar enjoying temperance drinks and kooky cocktails: nettle cordial laced with gin; elderflower and apple tipples; spicy rhubarb rum and other local delicacies.

The Speakers’ Forum…

on the edge of the Campaigns Field has a fascinating programme of talks with leading Green researchers, campaigners for social and environmental justice, and maverick activists. Listen, question, learn, debate… There’s picnic tables, drinks and snacks so you can stick around to talk politics, philosophy and protest tactics. In the evening the Forum is transformed into a Cinema by activist film-makers Reel News.

Voices of Gaia…

this talk space on the Village Green has a programme of earthy and esoteric subjects from the magic and medicine of herbs to sacred geometry, perception and connection, dowsing, and shamanic wisdom. Here we delve into ancient Eastern and Western traditions, seeking inspiration to re-align and re-integrate our modern human lives into the wider natural environment.

The 99% Bar…

hosts an eclectic assortment of djs and special guests, plus bar games, pub quiz and resistance artwork. Head over here for reggae, dance, trance and disco beats; groove and get radical over a few drinks; then sample woodfired pizza, Mexican treats, vegan pancakes and fresh fairtrade coffee around the 99% campfire.

The Glad Apple Cider Bar…

faces the Village Green, has stunning views across the Severn Estuary, makes a perfect cosy pit-stop. Try local brews, taste the apples, or if cider’s not your thing go for a local ale (most are vegan). Acoustic music sessions and unplugged jams happen around here; bring an instrument!

The Brimmon Oak…

is our newest bar near the old manor house. Here we’ll have beers and ciders, ‘dark & stormy’ rum n ginger, organic wine and more. The original Brimmon Oak, a 500 year old Welsh Oak, was threatened by road-building but saved by popular demand. Local media reported “A new bypass was ‘bent’ to save this wonderful ancient tree…” The Brimmon Oak went on to be a finalist in the European Tree of the Year contest and now stands as a symbol of the strength of people power and nature combined!

All The Green Gathering’s bars raise money for putting on the festival. Prices are very reasonable and we aim to provide a decent range of locally brewed cider and beer, plus organic wines and spirits and plenty of ethically-sourced soft drinks.




PHOTO CREDITS: Thanks to Stefan Handy, Keef Gibson, Ayesha Jones, Ben Cavanna, Brian Darcy, Zoltan, Johnny Solstice & Cathryn, Mike Urban, AimeeVPhotography, Garry Holden, Mark Pickthall, Greeny Lens, & all who've shared their pics.

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