Tipi Circle

tipi-close-upA welcoming, beautiful space. Experience low-impact living while enjoying the support of pop-up village life. The central fire and big lodge will be open and inviting for stories and music, poetry and workshops.

A Red Tent will be joining the sacred space, with its own timetable of events for women and girls. Plus, discover your inner Katniss Everdeen or Robin Hood on the neighbouring Archery Range!

Thurs 4pm Opening Ceremony with Ros Briagha.

Thurs 8pm Blue Electric Storm Sweatlodge: Sound, fire, stones, water and naked humans collaborate in transformation. Please note this is a drug and alcohol free lodge.

Fri at dawn Silent Dawn Dance: Bring music on headphones if you like.

Fri & Sat 2pm Singing with Trees: Deep grounding and tree lore.

Sat 4pm Sounding for Sweatlodge. Chants and preparation.

Sun 5pm Closing Ceremony: Preparing for everyday life after Green Gathering with Ros Briagha.

Sun 8pm Blue Electric Storm Sweatlodge. Still drug & alcohol free.

The Peace Garden and Wanderers’ Solace Benders – beautiful, tranquil spaces – will be situated between the Permaculture Zone and the Tipi Circle.



You can Hire a Tipi at The Green Gathering.

If you would like to bring your own Tipi, please contact us.

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