The Green Traveller Guide

This page contains everything you need to know about getting to The Green Gathering – and how to do it in the most sustainable way. Travel accounts for close to the entirety of our festivals emissions, so by reading our guide and making a change to how you travel, you’re helping remove the final hurdle in our mission to be emission free!

You can find out how carbon emissions are affected by different modes of travel by reading The Green Traveller Challenge.

Step 1: Pack lighter

Every kilo we carry increases emissions, especially in a car. Plus, packing lighter makes it easier to achieve Steps 2, 3 or 4 which will have the biggest impact. Check out our Joys of Packing Less for more reasons to pack light.

Get your shopping on site

We aim to have an on-site fruit, veg & grocery store with a stock of wholefoods and camping essentials, and Wigmore’s Bakery with fresh bread and pastries. For other grocery items there’s a small supermarket just spitting distance from Lion Gate and plenty of shops in town a lovely stroll or quick bus ride from the festival. By saving your shopping until you get to site, you can save carbon and support the local economy. We also have plenty of delicious, reasonably priced ethical food outlets on site.

We have sample Kit-Lists supplied by happy festival goers who in previous years packed light enough to carry their gear to the Gathering.

We’ve also made a list of Things NOT to Bring – these are things that weigh you down that we just don’t think you’ll need.

More reasons to pack light

You will be able to access the ‘Quick Turnaround Bus’ if you pack light enough to carry all your gear in one go. This will help you get onto site quicker and start your festival even earlier!

If you pack more than you can carry, you will still be able to take the standard shuttle bus from the carpark to the festival site, but you may have to wait a little longer and make multiple journeys to and from the carpark. Every year we find the people who bring most stuff start the festival somewhat tired and stressed. We hope you’ll give yourself a break and cut your and our carbon emissions at the same time.

Please don’t bring a wheeled cart – they don’t fit on the buses and you’ll have to unload them and fold them up, causing you delays and hassle. Once you get off the shuttle bus, there’ll be luggage trikes and wheelbarrows available to help you reach your favourite camping spot.

Want to pack light AND bring your own tent? Camplight (the brilliant people who rescue, clean and re-use perfectly good festival gear) is introducing a special service this year. Usually their ‘extras’ are only for people who hire a Camplight tent. This year ANY Green Gathering attendee can hire a sleeping bag, sleeping mat or camping chair (or all 3) from Camplight, making it super easy to pack light and travel greener! Just click on this link and go to ‘grab some extras’ to hire the items you need.

If you don’t have the camping gear for packing light, check out Camplight or one of the other pre-pitched camping experiences at the festival.

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Step 2: Carshare

If you really want to travel by car to the festival; car share! This also works for campervans and vintage buses.

Now we’ve helped you pack lighter, there’s room to share your vehicle with more friendly festive folks. We would love to see all cars arriving with at least 3 people inside, and vans with as many people as seats. Will you help us achieve our goal?

Festival directions for drivers are over here

  • You reduce the per person carbon footprint of your journey big time!
  • Your journey is much cheaper because you share the fuel costs – Blablacar works this out for you so it’s easy peasy.
  • You meet other great people going to the fest – you can make solid friends this way.
  • You feel good for helping The Green Gathering cut its carbon footprint.

You can use any car sharing platform but, for this Green Gathering, we encourage everyone offering and requesting lifts to use Blablacar to maximise the chance of lift matches. If you’re planning to drive, please consider putting in an ‘offer’ of a ride AND a ‘request’ for a ride. We need to get a balance of offers and requests to make it work – if everyone wants to drive their own car, we’re gonna have trouble finding enough people to fill those spare seats and vice versa! Flexibility works.

You can use Blablacar’s offer and request tools to get started. Enter ‘Chepstow Racecourse’ as the destination for the outward journey and starting point for the return journey. (Chepstow Racecourse is next to the festival site.)

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Step 3: Come by dedicated coach or public transport

If you’re reading this far, we already love and appreciate your commitment to helping us cut down our carbon emissions and yours.

We’ve teamed up with Tuned in Travel

We’re offering dedicated coaches from Brighton, London and Bristol (and we aim to run coaches from more locations in future). Tuned in Travel will even balance the carbon emissions of the coaches with donations to Ecolibrium’s renewable energy projects. You can buy dedicated coach tickets via our ticket shop.

Coming by public transport

For those coming from other places or needing more flexibility in their travel times, we know public transport can work out quite expensive if you don’t know the tricks of the trade, so here are some Tips To Keep Costs Down. And below are some freebies you can take advantage of too.

The nearest train station is in Chepstow. We’ll be running a shuttle bus from Chepstow train station to the box office and from there onto site. Approximate Train Station Shuttle Bus timings are here. A shuttle bus steward will be at the station to greet you. This bus is a free service but ‘magic hat’ donations are much appreciated to help us cover costs.

If you need to travel outside shuttle bus times, the number 69 public bus runs from the town centre bus station to near the festival entrance – if the driver is unsure where the festival is, ask for ‘Chepstow Racecourse’ and when you get to the racecourse entrance, follow the Green Gathering signs. There’s also a taxi rank outside the railway station.

To walk from the station to the festival, head into town (5 minutes walk) and then out of town towards the racecourse (approx. 20 min). The public bus station is in the town centre.

Free Stuff for choosing Coach & Public Transport

If you take a dedicated coach or public transport to the fest, we’d like to show our appreciation by offering you a free programme on arrival – simply show your transport ticket when you collect your wristband to receive your free programme.

AND Camplight will throw in FREE hire of a thermarest* or a double roll mat and camping chair for EVERY public transport traveller who books a tent with them. That’s £11 worth of freebies to help you travel light! Here’s how to do it.

*while stocks last

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Step 4: Cycling or walking – the zero carbon emission options!

OK. So if you’re considering this you’re one of a growing number of hard-core heroes! There are a couple of freebies below you can take advantage of which may make your decision easier.

If you travel this way we definitely want your story so we can share it and encourage others! ☺Email

Plan your route

If you want to plan your cycle route the Sustrans national cycle network routes usually avoid heavy traffic and huge hills. National route 4 passes through Chepstow and links to others including route 41 which passes through Bristol and route 32.

Routes and gates for cyclists and walkers can be found here.

Free stuff for walkers and cyclists

If you walk more than a couple of miles or cycle to the Gathering we’d like to show our appreciation by offering you a free programme on arrival: cyclists, show your bicycle or cycle paraphernalia when you collect your wristband at the box office and you’ll be given a free programme; walkers, just bring some evidence e.g. photos of yourself en route, along with dusty/muddy walking boots and an OS map or two!

Camplight will throw in FREE hire of a thermarest* or a double roll mat and camping chair for EVERY cyclist or long distance walker who books a tent with them. That’s £11 worth of freebies to help you travel light! Here’s how to do it.

*while stocks last

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We want your stories! Whether you’ve taken a small step or a giant leap in greening your transport this year, we want to hear about it. Send us your story, photos or even just a one liner (email Your stories will help us calculate how much carbon we’ve saved together and give us ideas for spreading the green travel bug in future years.

This page was researched and written by Refiesta
This page was researched and written by Refiesta

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