The 2021 Programme (that never was)

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We worked so hard on this eclectic, authentic programme of spectacular acts that we couldn’t bear not sharing it with you.

Inside you’ll find the array of wonderful music, crafts, speakers, performances, food, drink and more that awaited us all at the 2021 festival that never was.

Take a moment to peruse these pages. Whilst it might feel bittersweet, we’re focusing instead on the fact this little booklet showcases an astounding variety of music, people and art that you’ll want to know about.

Take a look, because your new favourite band, a speaker who will blow your mind or a food-truck to hunt down could well be waiting within these pages. Use it as inspiration for your coming year, and a precious reminder of the incredible reunion to come in 2022.

You can flip through pages using the viewer in the page, or download the whole thing using the link below.

The 2021 Programme – Download

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