speakers’ forum & radical cinema

The Forum is a platform for radical thinkers, activists and academics.

A place to learn, enjoy a debate, and find inspiration to take action…

Speakers for 2019 include:

Reclaim the Power on why the network took on energy company Drax and the hostile environment for migrants at its recent action camp.

Mary-Ellen Archer challenges human rights violations, austerity and Universal Credit, calling all of us to join Disabled People Against Cuts.

David Taylor, curator of green-history.co.uk and longterm Green Party member, with a big picture look at Green politics.

Paul Mobbs, activist and environmental investigator, questions our reliance on mobile phones.

Roger Hallam, one of the founders of Extinction Rebellion, reviews its success and where to go from here.

Jamie Kelsey Fry of New Internationalist on new movements for social and climate justice, plus how activists can make the most of the media.

Paul Allen (CAT) on how to meet the Climate Emergency head on.

Amelia Parisian of Edventure Frome looks at community regeneration.

Dr Phil Wadey shows us how to identify, record and save footpaths, bridleways and restricted byways at risk of being extinguished.

Seize the Day treat us to a convergence of music and politics.

Nicola Peel looks at how mushrooms can clean up oilspills, agroforestry stops rainforest destruction and plastic be used as a building material.

Hector Christie, Gerald Miles and Jim McNulty shine a light on the culpability of supermarkets.

Simon Fairlie, editor of The Land magazine, tackles the charged topic of animal husbandry with nuance and a different perspective.

Frances Foley, of the Citizens’ Convention on UK Democracy, on how Citizens’ Assemblies work and could get us out of the messes we’re in.

Tamasin Cave of Spinwatch puts a spotlight on vested interests.

Duncan Law, community energy advocate, looks at realistic ways to respond to the climate crisis.

And not forgetting Brixton Tea Party who’ll be serving teas, coffees and flapjack throughout!

Full 2019 Programme

Thank you to all the speakers. We hope you find inspiration to take action from these talks.


Film evenings in the Speakers’ Forum from 7pm…

Thursday: Extinction Rebellion in London
Friday: US Climate Rebels
Saturday: Jackson Mississippi; Environmental Protests in China
Sunday: Grenfell United; Extinction Rebellion

A big Thankyou to all our speakers, film makers & cinema curators!