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The Forum is a platform for radical thinkers, activists and academics. A place to learn, enjoy a debate, find inspiration to take action…

Speakers for 2019 tbc… in 2018 they included:

Alice Swift on the Ende Gelände (Here and No Further) movement that has mobilised thousands to take direct action against coal infrastructure.

Rashid Nix: Green Party deputy leader candidate on UK cannabis policy.

Jamie Kelsey Fry of New Internationalist on the global movement towards new forms of democracy reclaiming power for the 99% (Fri) plus how activists can make the most of mainstream and indy media (Sat).

Reclaim the Power on campaigning and direct action against the government’s plan to go full steam ahead with fracking across the UK.

Natalie Fee sharing experiences of going #plasticfree and campaigning to wipe out the single-use scourge.

Extinction Rebellion on organising civil disobedience, using direct action to bring about system change, planning nonviolent rebellion.

Seize the Day: sharing the stories behind their empowering songs and discussing the convergence of music and politics.

Dave Randall, musician and activist, has toured with Faithless, Dido, Sinead O’Connor and more. He’ll talk on raves, riots and revolution.

Paul Allen (Centre of Alternative Technology) on how we already have the tools and tech needed to slash carbon output and meet the Paris Climate Agreement; the barriers are economic, political and cultural.

Tamasin Cave (Spinwatch; co-author of A Quiet Word: Lobbying, Crony Capitalism & Broken Politics in Britain) and Caroline Molloy (Our NHS/ openDemocracy, Stroud Against the Cuts) on the truth of the NHS crisis.

Molly Scott Cato MEP on Brexit and beyond.

Pete Linnell brings a historical overview of the Welsh One Planet policy.

And not forgetting Brixton Tea Party who’ll be serving teas, coffees and flapjack throughout!

Thank you to all the speakers. We hope you find inspiration to take action from these talks.


2019 programme tbc; 2018 programme below:


7pm: What About the Nukiller Waste?

Slideshow and discussion with world renowned atomic photographer Robert Del Tredici (organised by South West Against Nuclear aka SWAN).

9pm: Reel News: Pick of the past 12 months… Including the extraordinary events around the independence referendum and general strike in Catalonia, a new global network to fight aviation expansion, the Bonn climate talks, and Ende Gelande’s direct action against coal.


7pm: SpyCops: Zoe Young, a core participant in the inquiry into undercover policing, talks and shows films on the subject.

9pm: Power Trip: Fracking in the UK (Undercurrents): On the frontlines of UK resistance to fracking, as grandmothers team up with younger activists to shut down Cuadrilla’s drilling sites. With Q&A.


7pm: Land and Freedom (Reel News): Militant Andalucian trade union occupies a farm – using it to grow food and create jobs and homes.

7:30pm: Land of Promise: Guest readers and musicians journey through three and a half centuries of radical thought, writing and song about the connections between art, social justice and our living environment – from the diggers to the eco neighbourhoods of Freiburg and radical interventions in cities around the world.

9pm: Green Gathering and Glastonbury in the 1980s: David Taylor shows rarely-seen films of festivals from the 1980s, including The Green Gathering, Green Fields at Glastonbury, and Molesworth Rainbow Village.


7pm: Punishment Park (Peter Watkins 1971): Still banned in the US, Watkins’ pseudo-documentary imagines the US as a fascist police state where all dissent is crushed, and suspected subversives are forced to choose between prison sentences or a cat and mouse game.

9pm: American Climate Rebels (Reel News): despite Trump, Reel News found inspiring initiatives in the US – radical councils taking on oil giants; black revolutionaries implementing a visionary just transition programme; coal miners fighting for renewable energy; indigenous people continuing to block oil pipelines, and much more.

A big Thankyou to all our speakers, film makers & cinema curators!

PHOTO CREDITS: Thanks to Stefan Handy, Keef Gibson, Ayesha Jones, Ben Cavanna, Brian Darcy, Zoltan, Johnny Solstice & Cathryn, Mike Urban, AimeeVPhotography, Garry Holden, Mark Pickthall, Greeny Lens, mistereb.com & all who've shared their pics.

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