Smokin’ Pilchards

Lauren Bands

The Smokin’ Pilchards are an alternative folk-stomping shanty machine based across the Midlands and Cornwall. The Pilchards play sea-shanty inspired folk, often with a hidden hint of Morbidity. Johnny C, Front man of the five piece says “I write dark and sometimes sad lyrics and weave them into fast paced catchy riffs and rhythms that you can dance to”. The Band is partly a long term partnership between the two brothers ‘C’ as backing him up with catchy, melancholic Saxophone hooks is sibling, Ted Cartwright. With an adventurous rhythm section comprising of Ryan Peters on U-bass; that’s a ukulele sized bass guitar, with a sound that packs a punch and Al Woodhouse on Cajon like you’ve never seen it or heard it played before, The Pilchards will have you up and dancing like a crazy person in minutes.

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