Sam Brown

Kat Bands

I am a 21 year old Jazz from Hastings. I am a street performer and have grown up playing the violin since I was a young child at 6 years old. I been playing the Loop pedal since I was 13. A unique style I created myself. I make highlife and upbeat music on my loop pedal, using cyclic rhythms and distinct harmonies on my violin. I try to make the most out of what the Violin can do and express a story with it.

My music has taken me on an incredible journey over the years and all the memories I have as a full time street performer. The people I have brought together and the opportunities it has brought me. I went to study at Leeds Conservatoire from 2018, so I could build upon my craft as a performer and Violinist and my passion and make it a well rounded professional career, I’d like to be a performer, teacher and sessionist for my career and I feel immensely thankful for everyone’s support on this journey I have been going on throughout my life. I just want to share this to everyone. Gives me so much hope in this world of Covid-19 and all the possibilities to make it through if we just don’t give up! We have to remember that we are all in this together.

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