The Sacred Activist Sanctuary is a peaceful and welcoming space for artists, activists, ecowarriors, co-operators, community seekers, joy bringers and the grief-stricken.

Also known as the SAS Village, this collection of tipis, benders and other low-impact dwellings around a central fire is a place of sharing, learning, reflection, action and recuperation.

A community vibe and warm hearth await visitors – along with the chance to get involved in sacred, creative activism in defence of our wild spaces.

Sing with trees, grieve for lost species, celebrate nature’s bounty and cycles, learn about and show solidarity with international indigenous activism… or just take some time out from the hustle of festival life. Discover how to tread lightly on the earth and to protect the commons – land, air, water – that belong to us all.

The central fire and communal shelters are open and inviting for stories and music, poetry and workshops.

Plus, chance to get active and hone your reflexes in the wide open grassy spaces nearby: discover your inner Katniss Everdeen or Robin Hood on the Archery Range or go all Game of Thrones on the Fencing Piste!

The guardians of the Sanctuary hold a Sweatlodge for the Ancestors:

“Preparation, fire, music, drumming and singing as the rocks heat… Then we put the rocks into the lodge, and open our invitation to the ancestors to enter, while we hold vigil and offer prayer outside around the fire, for and to the ancestors of this land, and for all beings, human and non human.”

In this way the Sanctuary guardians uphold traditions and allow for ceremony and connection even in times when gathering close together inside the confined space of a sweatlodge is not possible.

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