Public Transport – Tips To Keep The Cost Down

Get yourself a railcard –  most cost £30, last a year, give you a third or more off your tickets (60% for kids!) and you often make your money back in just one journey. With a railcard an adult fare from Bristol to Chepstow is just £5.50 or £5.75 for a day return.

Get yourself a coachcard – most cost £15, last a year and give you a third off tickets which you can usually make back in just one journey.

Book in advance – often cheaper fares are available the further ahead that you book and it’s easy to do so for a festival ‘cause you already know the earliest you can arrive and latest you can leave. Train tickets can be booked up to 3 months in advance.

Try splitting your ticket (eg with Trainsplit). This can often give you a cheaper fare. For example, a return ticket from London to Chepstow is cut from £75 to £39 using a railcard and Trainsplit. If travelling in a group it could be even cheaper.

Try Megabus for really cheap coach tickets. For example, our search showed tickets available for under £5 each way from London Victoria to Bristol. Then it’s just a £5 journey from Bristol to Chepstow to pick up our free shuttle bus to the site.

Try Megatrain.

Tell us if you’d use a festival coach and which town you’d want to catch it from – if we get more than a coach full contacting us from a certain town, we may be able to provide a service in future years. (email

PHOTO CREDITS: Thanks to Stefan Handy, Keef Gibson, Ayesha Jones, Ben Cavanna, Brian Darcy, Zoltan, Johnny Solstice & Cathryn, Mike Urban, AimeeVPhotography, Garry Holden, Mark Pickthall, Greeny Lens, & all who've shared their pics.

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