Psycho-Acoustic Goat

Kat Bands

A unique duo playing melodic, psychedelic acoustic dance music

Inspired by the thoughts and movements of Gnarly goats world wide… An energetic duo comprising Marcus Gee (Slapper Goat) on Daddy Guitar, Mumbles & Grumbles and Jade Morris (Squawker Goat) on Plucky, Squeaks & Squeals. The herd began in the studio recording a mini album before the violinist goat went off gallivanting around the world 2015. Mr bass goat continued with another award winning astro fiddler Gina Griffin in Jade goats plucky honour.

The duo kept things in motion playing many gigs in the south. Bristol and London became favourite regular grazing spots ever evolving the sound to become more dynamic and psycho. The Duo played several festivals in 2016 including Boomtown , Small world, colour fest and Bestival. When Jade the violinist returned Mr goat himself had already left on his travels spreading the Psycho-Acoustic Goat word around Australia, New Zealand, Sri Lanka and even Kuwait playing many gigs and busking for his fuel and food.

The original duo were back in action in 2018, there was a complication however due to slapper goats gammy leg saga. The leg journey lasted 2 and a half years but it didn’t stop them grazing enthusiastically and shaping their unique sound. They carried on performing and released a second album entitled Kong which showcases their individual talents and the ability to create trance soundscapes with an unlikely set up. Even with the Kong album tour cancelled due to the pandemic the goat spirit remained high and they are once again grazing on stages and working on their 3rd studio album.

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